Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition Repack Mr Dj

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Great torrent and game works like a charm. Had a couple problems when first trying to start the game with missing.dll files in my computer but found them online and everything worked fine after. Still trying to work out some issues with lag.

Replaced the d3d9.dll file in the fallout new vegas unlimited edition folder with one i copied out of my WinSxS folder and that seemed to help alot! Tait serial programmer schematic. Does anyone know where i can fine my game save data in my computer files so i can back them up on an external hard drive? Also if anyone else had problems with lag and found a solution, what did you do?


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So i have mr dj's fallout new vegas crack and the game is at version 1.4 and i'm using nvse and 80 other mods no problem but for some reason i cant apply the large address aware mod. Is there any way for me to apply this feature in some other way or am i just screwed for using lots of mods?

I know my computer can handle them all so really at this point it's an engine limitation of not using more memory. My Build: i5 6600k @3.5ghz quad-core (turbo enabled approx 3.8) MSI gaming GTX 970 4GB *yes i know about the 3.5 thing, no it doesn't bother me. 16 GB 3200mhz corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 (i assume the rest you don't really need to know for the purpose of this post.

If it matters that much to you and you ask i'll reply asap • • • • •.