Kruss Tensiometer K100 Manual Transmission

It has always been the basic tenet of the Government of India, in generously funding R&D efforts at academic institutions over the years, that facilities established through such support be made available to those needing them and qualified to make use of them for their own research more However, this was never easy or straightforward for, among other reasons, there was no ready source of information of what facility was available and where. Thanks to the Web, it is much easier today to have a national and regional “inventory of resources”, so as to match users with the resources they need, and to do all this in an efficient and transparent manner. This can lead to a leap in R&D productivity and greatly enhance the effectiveness of public investment. This is the motivation behind I-STEM.

Power Transmission - Mechanical. The K100 force tensiometer is ideally used for measuring. The K20 is a force tensiometer from Kruss that is used to acquire. Transmission rates of up to 200. G with which the force sensor of your K11 or K100C Force Tensiometer can be. Manual syringe can be used.

Phase transitions from a dispersed lamellar to hexagonal liquid crystalline phase have been investigated in a catanionic surfactant mixture formed by mixing a single tailed cationic surfactant, dodecylammonium chloride, with a double tailed anionic surfactant, sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate. Depending on the bulk composition and total surfactant concentration, mixed micelles, vesicles, lamellar and hexagonal columnar liquid crystalline phases have been identified. Free malayalam album song download Differences in the geometry of the two hydrophobic chains stabilize vesicles of different shapes (spherical, tubular and pearled) relative to the liquid crystalline phase even in stoichiometric mixtures.

At higher surfactant concentrations the phase transition from a dispersed lamellar to hexagonal columnar liquid crystalline phase proceeds continuously, with both phases coexisting over a range of concentrations. The transition proceeds through processes of vesicle aggregation, reorganization into multilayer sheets rolled-up into tubules, and formation of a hexagonal columnar liquid crystalline phase.

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