Madhubala Serial In Telugu Episode 65

Lakdi ki kathi full hd video download cartoon. Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Majboor – Episode 65 – 7th. Polimer Tv Serial Madhubala Episode Its a typical Indian TV show based on story.

Polimer tv Serials, Savaal Polimer tv Serial Savaal 18th May 2018 Episode 65 The Raichands are a rich and influential family where the male head Jatin Raichand is often sidelined by his assertive wife, Sarika. Their sons Ranvir and Kabir mean the world to them. Ranvir – the older brother – is a rational, generous, and selfless tycoon while Kabir is the opposite – protective of his loved ones (especially his brother) but a playboy and a brat. Meanwhile, Aanchal hails from a middle-class background. Her family comprises her mother Rupali and younger brother Aman. She lost her father at a young age.

She runs an NGO and takes up a case of a rape victim, who turns out to be Ranvir’s secretary. She assumes him to be guilty and gets him arrested. The Raichands, except Ranvir, develop an instant dislike for Aanchal.

As the case proceeds, the victim is murdered. However, Kabir brings evidence into the court, implicating the victim’s boyfriend, who teamed up with her to con the Raichands for money. Ranvir is immediately released but Kabir vows revenge on Aanchal.

My entire family likes to watch Ramayan and Mahabharat serials with great enthusiasm. These two are marvelous serials. Any amount of appreciation and praise of the Director-Producer Ramanand Sagar (for Ramayan and Sri Krishn) and B. Chopra (for Mahabharat) will be less. Ramanand Sagar was a great person –great thinker, great showman.

He brought about revolution in Indian TV world as well as Indian Society by making Ramayan. It also paved the way of making another great serial Mahabharat by B R Chopra. I wish many-many thanks to Ramanand Sagar, B. Chopra and their teams. And, I further extend many-many thanks to all those who have arranged to make this serial available online on

These people are doing great service to humanity by doing so However, I feel very sad when I see that English medium education is spoiling the culture of India. Stories of Indian culture and society are not included in their books. Majority of children reading in public schools don't like to see Ramayan, Mahabharat, etc. Even their parents don't like to see these great serials due to misconception of blindly following American and European culture.

Majority of new generation English medium children even don't know (nor they want to know) How many brothers Ram had –who was his father, Who was Ravan, Sugriv, Krishn, Karn, Bhism, etc. Such children and their parents are just happy in blindly following western lifestyle, thought and culture, which may have devastating effect on Indian society and culture. They are crazy of Valentine day and Harry porter culture. After 25 years, all the schools (Govt and private) of India, due to demand of the time, will be 100% English medium schools only. After 50 years every Indian (including the most poor class people) would be able to speak English fluently and they would hate Indian languages, culture, and everything of Indian style. All Indian languages (Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, South Indian languages, etc) will be at the verge of extinction.