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The first day has already wrapped up, but there’s still another day to go. Our very own SkyeWelse has a booth setup showcasing a bunch of retro Japanese PCs, and that includes a special setup to play E.V.O.: The Theory of Evolution in English on real PC-98 hardware. E.V.O.: The Theory of Evolution on a PC-9801DO That’s not all he has at his setup, but that’s probably the one you’re most interested in if you’re reading our page at the moment. He also has an MSX and x68000 setup alongside his multiple PC-98s, so it’s a pretty neat gathering of retro Japanese computers all in all. Check his account for some more pictures and information about everything he’s brought. For more information about Vintage Computer Festival Southeast (VCFSE), such as where to find it, tickets and all that mess, check out. There’s a ton of cool stuff for Retro PC enthusiasts there, so chances are you’ll find some other things that you’re interested in addition to SkyeWelse’s booth.

Definitely worth it to check it out. If you do make it and find the booth, tell SkyeWelse we sent you! And before we sign off for this post, have another quick picture from the booth.

We’ve done it. This is the official release announcement for 46 OkuMen’s English translation patch for Enix’s E.V.O.: The Theory of Evolution (46 Okunen Monogatari: The Shinkaron) on the PC-98 system.

For OPNA sets RomCenter / ClrMamePro datafiles (5.9.2008). Problems with Hoot? Wanted games. Links; alpha-II snesmusic.org VORC.

If you know what you’re doing, download the patch here and enjoy! Check out the for more information about the game as well as the links to the patch and the fully translated manual which has a bunch of cool and helpful information. There’s also more information about the history and process we went through in translating and romhacking the game itself, as well as references we found in the game.

If this is your first time playing a game on the PC-98 system, we recommend checking out our short before playing. So I know what some of you may be thinking. Why announce three projects when you’ve barely finished with your first one? Well, we’ve taken a sort of do what you’re interested in approach to working on projects. Hollowaytape tinkers with the romhacking and programming aspects he is having more fun with at the time, while kuoushi works on translating other projects that are simpler in terms of text dumping.

That way we both have things to keep busy with and spend less time sitting on our thumbs. We’ll see how it works as far as finishing things, but it’s at least more fun that way. Now to the meat of today’s announcement. Happy Holidays! It seems like everyone likes to announce and release cool new things at the end of the year to celebrate the holidays. As we’re relatively new, we don’t exactly have a whole hell of a lot to announce or release, but I feel like we’ve got some things brewing that might be interesting or exciting to some of you!

Beyond Recollection 05. Quick heal eps. Ji Sung - Violet 02. I Am Shin Se Gi 04.