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The Guardian/Observer greatest films of all time are being revealed and you can follow the whole lot here. Each day, our top 25 movies will be released, and each day here on the Datablog we will add them to our and the sortable table below. Today is the horror 25. We're led by Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. What films would you add to the list? Here's what: Horror crashes through boundaries and challenges the prohibitions of taste and thinkability in a way few other genres can match.

Classics of the genre were produced in cinema's very earliest days – the vampire nightmare Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr Caligari from the world of German Expressionism. We've added loads of extra info to the spreadsheet, including the key Guardian and IMDB links, plus the country of origin. At the end of the week we'd like to visualise the whole lot, and we want you to help us. So, let us know what you can do with the data. The full list - so far.

Are the kind of movies even Atheists will be afraid to watch alone. Now think of movies that are in fact, how awesome that could be? Now we have to thank you for giving me a chance to present you some awesome freaking horror movies that are inspired by true actual events.

By watching such movies you can also learn about the events that happened once. Directors take inspiration from strange and weird events to make horror movies more horrific. You can watch almost all the movies mentioned here on YouTube, Netflix,, and other online streaming websites these days. Even English subtitles and dubbed versions are available.

The Blob (1958) Storyline: A mysterious creature from another planet, resembling a giant blob of jelly, lands on earth. The people of a nearby small town refuse to listen to some teenagers who have witnessed the blob’s destructive power. In the meantime, the blob just keeps on getting bigger. True Event: In 1950, a group of policemen in Philadelphia discovered a huge disk of quivering jelly. When they tried to move it, it dissolved into a sticky scum. The substance is called star jelly and is usually reported seen near the site of a meteorite landing. It was measured six feet in diameter.

Psycho (1960) Storyline: A psychologically disturbed hotel owner, delusions, a dual personality and murders by the brilliant Hitchcock enterprise, This was one of the best horror movies of all times. AND if it is to be believed then yes, something that scares you better be a real legend, right? True Event: Inspired by Ed Gein, Norman Bates was a Wisconsin man who was arrested in 1957 for committing two murders and digging up the corpses of countless other women who reminded him of his dead mother. He was found to be insane and spent the rest of his life in a mental institution due to his obnoxious dual personality, and this story became the genesis for psycho. The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) Storyline: A documentary-style drama which questions the existence of a monster in an Arkansas swamp, it was a fear inciting drama with horrifying elements of death and supernaturalism in its more redundant forms.

True Event: Believed to be based on the story of the Fouke Monster, a large Sasquatch-like creature who lives near the town of Fouke, Arkansas. The Exorcist (1973) Storyline: Attempt by a pair of priests to exorcise a demon that has possessed a 12-year-old girl and the supernatural encounters became one of the most horrifying movies of all times. Almost most of the movies were then inspired by this historic shout-out-with-fear.

True Event: The novel “The Exorcist” was inspired by an article about an exorcism performed on a 13-year-old boy in Mount Rainier, Maryland in 1949. The story’s details have been muddled through the years to protect the family, but the exorcism was performed in St. Evidence points to the boy’s behavior not being nearly as outrageous or supernatural as was portrayed in the film. No priest died in the process which was another adds up in the movie. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) Storyline: Bloody, heart-beat horror of the century, Which went through many remakes is a story about A group of young people travelling through rural Texas falling prey to a family of cannibals, including Leatherface, who wears a mask made from the skin of his victims and kills mercilessly with a machete.

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