Big Finish Sapphire Steel Downloads

List of Sapphire & Steel serials Jump to. More than two decades later, an audio series was released on compact disc by Big Finish Productions. My review of Cruel Immortality, the latest Big Finish Sapphire and Steel audio adventure.

An ongoing series of full-cast audio dramas on CD, starring Susannah Harker and David Warner as mysterious time detectives, Sapphire and Steel. Now available from The audio dramas feature some notable guest stars - including Hugo Myatt, Muriel Pavlow, Daphne Oxenford, Lucy Gaskell, Colin Baker, Sarah Douglas, Sam Kelly, David Horovitch and Louise Jameson. The character of Gold (played by Mark Gatiss) appears in the first adventure The Passenger and returns in Perfect Day and Zero.

Serial number idm terbaru. The character of Ruby (played by Lisa Bowerman) appears in the second series story Water Like a Stone, reappearing in Cruel Immortality and Second Sight. David Collings reprises his role as Silver in the third and fifth stories of the first series of audio plays and then again in the third story of the third series.