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Marine Corps Combat Art Collection General Schmidt, considering the 3d Division attack in the center to be his main effort, provided priority fire support from Corps artillery, and directed the other two divisions to allocate half their own regimental fire support to the center. None of the commanders was happy with this. Neither the 4th Division, taking heavy casualties in The Amphitheater as it approached Hill 382, nor the 5th Division, struggling to seize Nishi Ridge, wanted to dilute their organic fire support. Colonel Donn Robertson, command- ing the 3d Battalion, 27th Marines, lost all three of his rifle company commanders, 'two killed by the same 36 The Marines' Zippo Tanks T turret, replacing the 75mm main gun with a look-alike launch tube. The modified system could thus be trained o the Marines on the ground, the Sherman M4A3 medium tank equipped with the Navy Mark I flame thrower seemed to be the most valuable weapon employed in the battle of Iwo Jima. And pointed like any conventional turret gun. The 28th Marines captured Hill 362-A at the cost of 200 casualties.

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7,000 American casualties. Several of the pitched battles—Airfield No. 2, Hill 382, Hill 362-B, for example— would of themselves warrant a separate commemorative monograph. The fighting in each case was as savage and bloody as any in Marine Corps history.

This was the general situation previously described at the unsuspected 'turning point' on 4 March (D + 13) when, despite sustaining On the same day Lieutenant frightful losses, the Marines had Colonel Lowell E.