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Colbie Caillat, a talented and charismatic singer, is definitely one of the most standout performers who have emerged on the stage in the last several years. Following the contemporary tendency, she managed to get spotted by the masses through MySpace, in particular, thank to her composition called Bubbly. However, Colbie went much farther than simply drawing the attention of the listeners as she also made them loyal supporters of her art. Caillat was born in California in 1985. Her father got a long-time experience of working in the music industry as a producer. When his daughter turned eleven years old, she began singing the songs of her favorite artists. Nevertheless, her father told her that, to be a real star, she had not only to learn how to perform, but also how to write music.

These words motivated the girl to take up the piano lessons and then to master the guitar. The composition of her own songs appeared the main tool of self-expression and release of energy to Colbie. Her father’s professional occupation granted her with all the necessary equipment to record the material she had written at the highest possible level. One of the young artist’s friends committed himself to spreading her music via Internet. She accepted this idea without big expectations, which made it even a stronger surprise when Colbie began receiving daily dozens of messages with praiseful exclamations. In the long run, her compositions drew the interests of sound recording companies which lead the everlasting war for such promising young talents.

The battle for the right to sign Colbie Caillat was won by Universal Republic. The company’s label was so enchanted by Colbie’s work that they decided to give her a free hand in preparing the material for the debut album. Called Coco, this record presented to the listeners a set of interesting songs, including Bubbly. Released as a separate single, this hit became the singer’s trademark and occupied the fifth position in Billboard Hot 100. Download smallville all seasons free The long player arrived in the summer of 2007 and reached the fifth place in Billboard Hot 200. Several weeks later, the album dropped to the twenty eight position, yet it remained in that group for quite a long while.


It took Colbie Caillat the least of time to evolve from performing at small clubs to gigging on large venues, while the mass media used their best words to describe the new star’s talent. Caillat’s debut studio work could hardly be named a breakthrough or revolutionary event in the music, but it definitely had vivid advantages.

It was a product without obvious weak points with all the songs matching each other and being of equally high quality. Critics noticed that the singer’s vocals as well as the parts of all the instruments were recorded untraditionally nicely for the debut work of a young artist. Coco was a perfect example showcasing how talented people could find themselves good partners and record a skillful album.

In the summer of 2009, Colbie Caillat prepared her sophomore long player, Breakthrough, released after the promoting single Fallin’ For You.