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Muhammad Ali vs Floyd Patterson (2nd meeting). Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, United. Aug 5, 2008 - Full Fights @. Free software allows full boxing fights to be downloaded in under 30 minutes. Including street fights.

The Top 10 Boxing Training Videos There are so many boxing training videos available to watch on the MyBoxingCoach website that for the newcomer it might be a little perplexing to decide which videos to put at the top of the viewing list. In order to provide a steer as to the first ‘go to’ videos on the site, I decided to ask myself a simple question: “In the ideal world, what are the 10 most important skills that I would teach someone new to boxing and in what order would I teach them?” The answer to that question is delivered to you in this article. I’ll link to 10 boxing training videos on this site that I think are ‘must views’ in order for you get the most possible out of the ocean of content, both video and written, available with MyBoxingCoach.

“Do the basics and do them right” is a mantra that I live by when developing fight skills. This article and these videos are the essence of that principle. Vital Training Video #1 – The Stance and On Guard The is designed allow fluid and powerful punching along with robust defense and superb mobility.

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Now mark my words, learning the correct stance for many takes a little time to master. Just as you can’t build a house without foundations, you can’t build a boxing style without a great stance. So, watch this video a few times and get a good grasp of how it’s done. It will pay off. Vital Training Video #2 – The Jab A perfect boxing jab for me is one of the finest sights in boxing. When I see a fast, clean and accurate jab spear through the defenses of a fighter I’m always so impressed. Great fighters have a great jab.

It’s the simplest punch to learn, the most efficient punch, the most regularly thrown punch and ultimately the punch that can break the will of an opponent. The jab can be thrown fast or slow, flicked or rammed home, on the move or on the spot.

It’s the ultimate in punching versatility. The jab the first punch that I teach to a boxer and it always will be.

Vital Training Video #3 – Getting in and Out with Footwork By far the most commonly used aspect of. It would be wonderful as a boxer if your opponent dutifully wandered into range of your punches ready to eat that wonderful jab of yours. Problem is having a fight is a little more unpredictable than that. Opponents have a nasty habit of doing all kinds of unexpected actions.

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The ability to be highly mobile is incredibly important in boxing, especially amateur boxing where foot movement is a massive part of success. Some opponents will charge at you like a runaway train, others will back away equally fast. So it pays to be able to close them down or back away in a controlled and effective manner, never compromising your ability to land your own shots. Vital Training Video #4 – Multi-Purpose Ducking Having covered some footwork and punching, the next step is building in some body movement, and where better to start that the simple act of ducking. I say ‘ducking punches’, but this is only one of 3 opportunities that you create when you duck. When you duck you also provide yourself with a nice opportunity to unleash. And as an added bonus, by ducking you create a diversion.

It acts as a feint, making your opponent think that something might happen. And feinting is one of the true arts of successful boxing, bringing us neatly onto our next vital boxing training video. Vital Training Video #5 – The Art of the Fighter. I think that understanding how to feint, and more importantly understanding why feinting is so helpful to you, is one of the true ‘Eureka’ moments for a developing boxer. It is the basis of all styles of fighting, from slick to intense pressure fighting. It’s what separates the best from the rest.