Eswa Ceiling Heating Installation

The newer form involves radiant ceiling heat panels. The heating elements are contained in modular tiles that the installer fastens to the roof with screws.

I have been a tennant for a number of years and recently started having problems with the installed ESWA heating. All of the rooms have individual Thermostats, which have gradually started dying. We originally suspected it was the heating elements in the ceiling themselves - but recently after removing the covers to the thermostats (Eberle??) noticed that only one or two actually produce a small spark when the temperature or dial is adjusted. The ones that do produce this small spark appear to still be working. I have tried many local DIY shops for a possible replacement thermostat with the view to try replacing one and see if it does the trick. Thermostats seems to be fairly cheap for a basic room thermostat. Anyway most DIY stores do not seem to know which one to sell me. Pony friends 2 download free pc

Attached is a photo of the thermostat currently installed. The inner cover shows:-EBERLE TYPE 16A 250V / II I would be grateful if anyone knows anything about the ESWA system or could suggest a suitable replacement thermostat unit THANKS. Hi, I have the same ESWA ceiling heating system as you.

I also have a problem with the system, the downstairs is working fine, however the upstairs in all three rooms has stopped working. The thermostats click but the ceiling is not heating up. Did you have any luck in finding the fault was is just the thermostat units or was it the actual heating elements in the ceiling? I have called ESWA and they want £170 just to come out and tell me it's broken before they carry out any repairs!

Also, is there a way to test the thermostats to check if they are at fault? My wife's old 1st floor flat had ESWA ceiling heating. Their UK office is in SE London as stated above. Seems to be a one-man band but I found the guy very helpful and willing to give out technical info to me as a DIY-er. This was about 18 months ago.

The original mats were nailed to the ceiling joists before plasterboarding when the flats were built (1980ish), so had to be cut out with a Stanley knife. Rocket from the crypt live from camp x-ray rar. The new ones were smaller and were simply held in place by the loft insulation above. Easy to intall but a lot of care is required not to wreck the new mat when trimming to size (ask the nice man). And they cost a small fortune (about £300 for enough for a small bedroom)!

Other golden rule when installing seemed to be to cover the mat evenly to avoid hot spots which would cause premature failure. Half of the mats in the flat had failed. All the stats were fine. The family in the ground floor flat said theirs had failed years ago and had been abandoned, as replacement would have meant tearing down ceilings C. I have been a tennant for a number of years and recently started having problems with the installed ESWA heating.