F1 Taxi Meter Manual

Specifications Dimension (WxHxD mm) 17 x 4,5 x 2,5 Weight Gr. Displays Fare counter: - 6 Digits Red High-Luminosity Led Extra counter: - 5 Digits Red High-Luminosity Led Illuminated Front Text 1 Digit tariff index Power Supply From 8,5 to 16 Volts Temperature From -15 to 70 °C. Relative Humidity 95% Mechanical Strenght 3 g Distance Unit From 10 cm.

To 6553 meters Step 10 cm. Waiting Time Unit From 0,1 sec. To 6553 Step 0,1 sec. The Digitax F1 Taximeter has several communication channels that make possible the communication with the external world. Two independent RS232 serial ports at baud rate from 300 to 115200 and a 4 wire synchro channel plus a special printer driver, allow the interfacing to several devices at the same time. The Commtax 2 included protocol allows remote managing of all the taximeter, magnetic Credit Card reader, chip card and printer functions.

The Digitax F1+ taximeter is specifically designed to work with the next generation electric taxi as well as it's diesel counterparts. WHY CHOOSE A DIGITAX METER? F1, F2, F2-RTC and F3 Taximeter Basic Operations The taximeter has five keys: OP, K1, K2. Taxi in “For Hire” When the Taxi is parked or it moves without. Turning the Meter Off On the 32 Block F2, F2 RTC and F1 meters the meter can be turned off by pressing the K2 and K4 buttons at the same time. The only exception to this is on the 4.

The link to a dispatch system or another mobile terminal is accomplished on the RS232 port at any baud rate from 300 to 115200 using a frame structure N, 8, 1: signal level +/- 12 V, using the protocol COMMTAX 2 described in this document. Digitax F1 Plus Interfacing System.

• Select the For Hire position. • Press K2 and K1 together • The “FOR HIRE” sign will start blinking and the extras display will show the memoryindex. • K2 increases the index number. • K1 decreases the index number. • K3 toggle between Block 1 and Block 2.

• Press OP to end the memory reading and return to For Hire.How to Print the Memory Content(if a printer is attached) • Select the For Hire position. • Press K2 and K1 together • The “FOR HIRE” sign will start blinking and the extras display will show the memoryindex. • Reach the memory index 5 by pressing the K2 key. • Reaching location 5, press the K4 key to print out the content of both Block 1 and Block2. The “FOR HIRE” sign will stop blinking and the printer will start. • Press OP to end the printing procedure and go back to the For Hire position.How to Erase the Memory Content • Select the For Hire position.

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