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Flight1 Ultimate Terrain X - USA, Canada And Europe By Andrew Herd (6 July 2008) Many moons ago, back in October 2004, we took a look at a Flight1 product called, which was an FS2004 addon. What USA Roads did was considered fairly revolutionary at the time - it replaced Flight Simulator's weedy road system with a realistic set, which meant that you ended up with roughly ten times more roads than you got in the default installation of FS2004, all of which went where they were supposed to go.

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USA Roads was almost completely configurable and you could opt to display only the major roads, or every road in the database, just as you wanted and it was such a popular product that less than a year later, Flight1 released another series of addons called 'Ultimate Terrain', which not only brought every major and many minor roads into Flight Simulator, but also corrected the rivers, streams and many of the lakes to their real positions. As if that wasn't enough, Ultimate Terrain enhanced the railroads, improved the landclass in the larger cities and added in new scenery tiles for parks, golf courses and cemetaries. At the time I had my doubts about how much of a draw golf course and cemetary land tiles were going to be, but it was a great product, not least because if you had any of the MegaSceneries installed, all the roads and rivers now matched up more or less perfectly at the edges. Flight1 deservedly sold a lot of copies. Then FSX came along and on the face of it, the need for addons like Ultimate Terrain evaporated, because the roads, rivers and lakes had all been considerably upgraded - for the first time, it was possible to navigate around the world in a default Flight Simulator installation using a sectional and following the road network. But many roads were still missing and although the FSX does represent a serious improvement on anything that had gone before, it only takes a bit of flying around to make you realise that the Ultimate Terrain series still has its place. You are going to have to read on.

At the time the review was written, Flight1 had released three different packages in the Ultimate Terrain X series: UTX USA, UTX Canada and UTX Europe. Given that the products are identical beyond the areas they cover, we decided to cover all three in a single review - so everything that follows applies to any of the packages, except where a particular one is specifically identified. The manuals hint at a Ultimate Terrain X Alaska product to follow and given that the data exists, it is possible that a far eastern package might be on the cards, although that is complete guesswork on my part. The addons are supplied in DVD-style boxes, that contain a single DVD (note that the media is a DVD, not a CD-ROM), a short manual and a flyer advertising other Flight1 products. Installation is straight-forward and involves no more than sticking the DVD in the drive, choosing an installation language, agreeing to the license and watching the bar - which takes quite a long while to reach the end of the line. When the files have transferred and decompressed, you are confronted with the setup tool, of which more in a moment.

The system requirements quoted on the box are remarkably honest: a 2.8 Ghz processor, a 128 Mb video card, a gig of RAM, 5 Gb of hard disk space, FSX and Windows XP or Vista. The only place I would take issue with the spec is over the amount of RAM - you really want a 512 Mb video card and a couple of gigs of RAM, especially if you are running Vista. I did the review on a 2.66 Ghz Core2Duo with 4 GB of RAM, a 768 Mb GeForce 8800GTX, Windows Vista SP1 and FSX SP2. Incidentally, I have now had the chance to run FSX on an eight-core system and the news is that at the same clock speed it doesn't run very much faster than it does on a dual-core machine, which is more or less what you would expect. When the installation is done, you will find a new icon on the desktop, linking to the setup tool and a new Flight1 Ultimate Terrain program group, containing links to a couple of pdf manuals, the setup tool and an uninstall routine. Arasu kannada movie songs free download 320kbps. The first manual is, at 39 pages, a slightly expanded version of the printed configuration manual; the other, at 23 pages, covers the advanced features and it was only when I began idly flicking through this, that I realised we were not in Kansas anymore.

I'm not sure why, but I had kind of assumed that Flight1 would just have 'rolled over' Ultimate Terrain from FS2004 to FSX, by making it compatible without enhancing it particularly. Ultimate Terrain X doesn't represent quite as much of a jump from the FS2004 version as that did over USA Roads, but it takes several strides in that direction, most of them lying within the setup tool.