Forest Air Manual Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier ALBERT dehumidifies humid rooms and creates a healthy environment without the risk of mold, by Stadler Form. Instruction manual and more pdfs zu download. Instruction manual Albert air dehumidifier.

• o l l s ’ r ’ ©. • TABLE OF CONTENTS USE.3 SAFETY NOTES.3 INSTALLATION Accessories and hardware. 4 Tools needed. 4 Unpacking the air conditioner.5 Electrical specifications.5 Window requirements.6 Preliminary instructions.7 Window mounting.8-9-10 UNIT OPERATION LED display control panel.11 Cooling. • Do not start or stop the unit by plugging in or pulling out the power cord. Always check the power cord for signs of damage before use.

If the power cord is damaged, contact SUNRISE TRADEX Customer Service (see end of this manual). Do not install or use the unit in the following places: •. • INSTALLATION ACCESSORIES MAY DIFFER FROM ILLUSTRATIONS Before beginning installation, make sure to have close at hand all the tools you will need (listed below) and that all accessories and hardware parts provided with your air conditioner (as shown) are included.

Top mounting rail and laterals (3 in total) Right Foam gasket. • Note: been detected. Do not use the air conditioner and/or attempt to reset the LCDI plug. Immediately contact SUNRISE TRADEX Customer Service (see end of this book). DO NOT PRESS the TEST button while the air conditioner is operating. • INSTALLATION WINDOW REQUIREMENTS 1.

These instructions and installation parts are for a standard double-hung window. It can be installed with our without the expandable panels. Make sure the opening is large enough for the unit size. Modify accordingly for other types of window. • INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Please read ALL instructions before installing. Two persons are recommend to install this product.

If a new electrical outlet is required, have the outlet installed by a qualified electrician before installing unit. PRELIMINARY INSTRUCTIONS Do the following before starting to install unit. Window sash seal See illustrations below. • WINDOW MOUNTING 1. Remove chassis 8. IMPORTANT: Mechanical damages 1. Pull down front panel and remove filter.

Could occur if the protections are not removed before starting the unit. Your (See fig.1).


Unit may come with internal packaging. Lift front upwards and place to one side. This packaging must be removed prior 3. • INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 3.

Shift cabinet left or right as needed to line up cen- ter of cabinet on center line marked on stool. Fasten cabinet to window stool with 2 screws into Air conditioner Plastic cabinet frame holes (you may wish to pre-drill pilot holes). Top view Locking ”I”. • WINDOW MOUNTING 3. Install support brackets (with sill angle brackets 2. Attach right angle safety lock as shown.

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