Four Black Dots Ontario Drivers License

DOT physicals are designed to detect physical. Avoid Becoming a Black Friday Horror Story. Federal law requires drivers of commercial motor vehicles.

Insurance without a Drivers License Yes, You can buy and insure a car without a Drivers License. Youjust can't drive it off the lot. Most states now require Auto Dealers to verify your drivers licenseand liability coverage before a customer drives off the lot with apurchase. This is to protect the car buyer as well as the rest ofthe public from the consequences of an accident with an uninsureddriver. One of the times that we as drivers are at higher risk of beinginvolved in an at fault accident is after the purchase of a vehiclewhen we may not yet be accustomed to the subtleties and handlingcharacteristics of a recently acquired vehicle. State law requires that you have the minimum liability and medicallimits required in order to operate a vehicle on public roads.Private roads and off road is another matter. A vehicle can be purchased and shipped where insuring arrangementsare being made elsewhere before operation.

Some vehicles arepurchased strictly for off road use or Farm use and may never needa license or insurance. You can certainly buy property insurance without a drivers license,other valid ID is sufficient. Most insurance companies willrequire a drivers license to buy Auto Liability Insurance, otherswill let you buy it and then go get the license, they may requireyou obtain the license within 30 days. After all, you need theinsurance in order to take the drivers test. Happy Motoring ____________________________________________________________________ More input from other FAQ Farmers:. I am unaware of a company that sells insurance to peoplewithout a drivers license number first on file. This is usuallynecessary to check for tickets and / or accidents. M68hc11 serial programmer.

Check with yourlocal state DOI (Dept of Insurance) for state specific laws andregulations that you & the insurance company may be subjectto. My company would insure you, but if there was a claim we wouldnot pay it. I have one on my hand because I wondered how far a needle wouldhave to go under my skin to make a good tattoo. Now I realize itwas a bad place for that, but I was 18 what can you do? Answer one of the main reasons for having a black dot on the knuckle offore hand is to represent the length of time someone has spent inprison much the same as having a tear next to the eye Answer The tear means you lost someone dear to you Answer I THOUGHT A DOT MEANT HOW MANY TIMES YOU WAS IN JAIL. Answer Im not sure what the black dot means.

But a black dot on theknuckle or the forearm does not mean how many years you've been inprison and it also doesn't mean that you've lost a love one. Thetear drop on the side of the eye represents how many people thatyou have killed. The representation of a love one gone can berepresented in many other ways such as a name. Answer I don't know about a single black dot, but three black dots eithermeans 'my crazy life' for latin gangs, or 'i care for nothing' forAsian gangs.

A non filled-in tear means you've killed someone, afilled in tear means you've lost a family member, close friend, orfellow gang member. Answer a single black dot means u r 2 big a sissy to get a real tat Answer A single black dot on on the center of the top of your handrepresents where your from.My father had one along with hisbrothers and all of their friends to represent their projects. WhenI asked other people about the dot they also told me that it is asign of representing where you or your family comes from. A lot ofIrish people from South Boston get the dot on the top of the hand,or old school Irish people did, as to my knowledge. Answer Here in the NL 3 dots in a triangle on the skin between your IndexFinger and your thumb means f#ck the police ( think its evenillegal to have that tattoo here ) Answer 1 black dot between thumb and forefinger on each hand was an oldway of advertising that you were a homosexual without gettingbeaten. Answer One dot on the bottom of the thumb closest to the hand means'Loca'.short for 'Mi Vida Loca' ANSWER Down in Cali, one dot between your index and thumb meant you lovedto smoke some weed, it's a style down there, everyone has one.

Most of the time they don't 'mean' anything. When I first got my license in Missouri, by comparing it with thatof my friends I was able to figure out that the first letter of thelicense number was the first letter of my last name (this waspretty obvious), and it also seemed to be true that the next twodigits were the numerical value of the second letter of my lastname (in my case this was U, so the digits were 21). Missouri no longer issues licenses using that numbering scheme anymore, and like most other states that I'm aware of they just useyour social security number if you have one and don't specificallyobject to its use, or a semi-random number they generate if you doobject or don't have an SSN for some reason.