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• 159 Answers SOURCE: sounds like the compressor is locked up or the relay on the compressor is bad. Whats happening is its drawing too much current and cutting out from the overlaod relay. That may be a bad compressor or the start relay. Both the overload and the relay are under the black box on the front of the compressor.

You will need to check the relay to make sure its good, and also the compressor. There should be a wiring diagram on the back that will tell you how many ohms from terminal to terminal on the compressor. Hope it helped if its a newer unit the relays are electronic and if you shake it and hear like little sand pebbles in it most likley its bad and thats why it wont run. Posted on Aug 10, 2007. • 958 Answers SOURCE: you have pressed the defrost button that is why the compressor stops and would not come back on.

There could be a temperature sensor on the thermostat or a timer where in it would only reset back after the temperature of the fridge warms up. Try to remove all the food and let is sit for a while, plugged and watch if the compressor would kick in after about two hours or untill the fridge warms up. If the button is stuck, you may have to spray lubricant in the thermostat or replace the thermostat. Posted on Feb 21, 2008.

• 1 Answer SOURCE: I did the same thing. I know it's a little late now but for anyone that does this again here's what to do. There's a thermostat in your actual freezer you might not be able to see it, because it might be covered in ice. It looks like a tiny tube, To stop the defrosting all you have to do is warm up the thermostat either pressing a hot towel agaisnt it or meltling the ice with a dryer (but be careful)!

After a minute or so the red button should pop out again and the refrigerator will start humming again. Unplugging the refrigerator will not reset anything and don't try to pop the red button out of your own!

Posted on Oct 13, 2009. Tacho pro mileage correction tool.

Search: Fixed for free! Popular These categories may also be of interest. Mend, fix, or repair just about anything. Help someone Are you good at fixing things? To help Fault info. costs nothing to use and you can ask a question without an account or logging in. To ask a question. Answers Who answers the questions?

Other users of provide the answers. The more detail and information you provide in your question the easier it is for others to help you. Search for a fix Mend it. > apm6855 fridge freezer? I have just bought a fridge freezer apm6855 the fridge temperature keeps going up to h in a matter of hours what am i doing wrong or is it faulty shona grant January 2008 I have got the same kind of problem and repairer has told me that the coil burnt out in fan motor - normally the problem is with the bearings? I note Rich's comments and his purchase of generic unit from UKWhitegoods.

I have been in contact with them and they say it won't fit and that I need the much more expensive part number 512021001. From forum comments I have read elsewhere UKWG seem very dependable. So now don't know whether to risk generic part or not. Diplofangone July 2014 Tried the same thing nearly murdered it almost damaged the pipework when removing the fan cover contacted which who put me onto they came out and replace a faulty thermal fuse the guy said i was very lucky because the fan was catching on pipework another pull and i would have needed a new fridge. Simon November 2013 Thanks Rich and RobB - you certainly did save me a few pounds!

Fitted the new fan motor and all now seems to be working fine. Only slight issue I had was the motor came with bare end wires so I had to purchase some lucar connectors (£1.59 from Maplin) to be able to connect the new fan up.

Thanks again guys! Carlos May 2013 I found a generic motor for £18 that worked perfectly from I hope this helps someone save a few pounds Rich Richard n Thanks very much Rich! The one below worked for me.

RobB May 2013 I seem to have the same problem on this fridge/freezer. The freezer keeps frosting over; I have to defrost every 3 or 4 weeks but it happens again. If left for longer than 4 weeks the freezer continues to work but the fridge becomes warm and the 'H' is displayed on the fridge. I have replaced the 'no frost probe' and 'freezer ambient probe' with no change.

The fan seems to be running correctly and have now run out of ideas. What does the thermo fuse do? I have looked at and the Z3 thermo fuse is exactly the same as I have in my unit - is it worth changing this??