Gameshark Codes Digimon World 3 North America

Jun 15, 2002 - Kotemon Max Health 0F 0F Kotemon Max MP 0F 0F Kotemon Max Level 80048C6C0063.

When you defeated all bosses in Amaterasu, & you get all coloured pass from them, go to Amaterasu city. The leader Chuck leads the army and reprogram the Knightmons. Go to Amaterasu Admin Center and defeat all the AoA guards. Make it through the Master Room. Defeat the Royal Knights. They use a Knightmon to battle with you,& beware the Knightmon's Beserk Sword.

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Just defeat him with normal attacks, &its better if you equippe d Multi Crest with it. Next defeat the MAGAMI President a.k.a Chief Officer.

You will have no time to heal between these 2 battles. After you defeat Chief Officer, Nick and Lisa came & arrest him. Soon the Destromon is terminated. Find and talk to Lisa and Nick. They tells you the Keith has gone to Qing Long to cure the Oinkmons.

Go to Qing Long and talk to him, and later go up the stairs and talk to the female operator. Go back to Sieryu and talk to the sleeping Airdramon. It seems it can't hear what you talking. If you re-enter the tower, you will find Airdramon had gone somewhere else. Go back to Qing Long and you will find everyone is back to normal!

Go back to Amaterasu city and you will find you can go through Amaterasu El Dorado and Wedge's Shop to Black Market and Heavy Armory. Here is a tip, go to the Black Market And not Heavy Armory because its item are completly useless. Casio fx 9860g sd manual. This is because you can buy best weapons from the normal armory. The Black Market sells HP Chip, MP chips and all other stat chips. Make sure you have enough money to buy those chips if you want because its expensive.

Here is an advice. Explore all locations in both server & level-up to your wanted level. Just stay away from Amaterasu Admin Center until you want to finish the game. Both Lord Megadeath and Galacticmon are powerful enemys, so if you wanted to end the game, make sure you are freshly saved and fully prepared to end the game. Verified by: Submitted by: on October 15, 2007.