Garrett Groundhog Manual Software

Hi Dave, Iv'e only been using the ace 250 for a little while, actually about 2 years & then only sporadically. Here's what I found with signals.when I sweep the coil & it sounds a certain way in one direction & gives another tone in the opposite direction, I know it's trash, usually a nail or something like that. Also, when the ace gives a couple of short beeps over a target I don't bother.

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You'll find that if you get a dd coil the target separation on the ace will improve fairly drastically. I've had Aussie 5c coins ring up as foil so it isn't easy to work out sometimes. Aussie $1.00, $2.00,!c & 2c pieces along with the old pennies & halfpennies all give that magic coin ring. I found it just 'clicked' for me after a lot of digging jink.hope that helps?

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