Google Play Store Version To 5.1.11 Andoid 4.0.4

Google Play Store 5.1.11 by IamIrene. Xda-developers Android Development and Hacking Android General [APK] Google Play Store 5.1.11. Google Play Services incompatible for Android 4.0.4. I have the same play-service version on. Play Services APK is distributed by Google via play store.

Mission impossible tamil dubbed movie online. I hope this question is not a duplicate of other related questions. In my Samsung Galaxy S duos mobile (Android 4.0.4 OS) I received frequent notification to update my software. Though I updated(Re-booted) it after receiving that notification I hate that notification so I disabled that. After disabling that when I tried to open Google Maps App its showing me an error “ Google Play Store Update Error” and I was not able to open Map App as well as other Apps. I thought this error happens only because I disabled that software notification and I tried to enable that notification but I’m not able to enable that one. So how to fix Google Play Store Update Error and how to enable that software notification?

Since this app is a Google native app which handles its own updates by itself, maybe the update went wrong. At the moment you could clear its cache, data (you will have to reenter the credentials later again and configure the playstore including notifications and update handling), or uninstall the updates, so it will go to the initial version (can be done by going in Settings -> Applications -> All -> Google Play Store). It should update later automatically. In case you have a rooted phone, make sure you haven't done any changes in the system lately, or other apps are not interfering (any 'freezers', 'killers', or similar ones). Also, check if you haven't forbidden mobile network access (Settings -> Data usage, there you can click each app and check/uncheck 'Restrict background data'), but even if this was checked, it should work on WiFi.

Glad it could help. As for set off auto update, Play Store app is a system application. There is no way to block device from auto update system AFAIK outside of rooting the device. In fact i left my tab last night on to update my software and my play store app back to version 5.2.13. Had to re-install again. So either turn off internet connection when u don't use it, well it just delaying it a bit or put a copy of 5.1.11 in your device and repeat the steps of uninstall update>install app before u can use the play store function. I got the same problem.

I have uninstalled google playstore updates and it came back to the much older version. No problem with that much older version. But after i exited the app, it updated itself to the newest version and crashed. Then i read that i have to instal the older version (version 11). So lucky that fitri said that there is simple solution to avoid the crash on version 12, that is to make the screen in portrait mode. And it is so true. Thank you so much.

I never thought that the real problem is about screen mode issue! What a ridiculous version of google play store. Well, my gadget is samsung galaxy tab 2, 7 inch.

Thank you BoPoH 25/2/2015, 11:15 น. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have tried everything to fix this error that appeared the last two days. I've erased all data from all files, the same with cache, i've installed older versions, i've added # to hosts file,i've turned it to user application in case it stopped self-updating, i've restored my system to one month back and nothing. And when i said this is it, my hyundai t7s with exynos cpu have come to an end.god lead me to this page.two whole days and i didn't notice the thing with portrait and landscape mode.I wanted to add to this page's posts because i thing this mistake is too cheap.

Is a mistake that should never happen.I hope that this will be fixed soon. Terry Knowles 26/2/2015, 9:13 น.