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Whether you work for someone else or own your own small business, H.I.G. Capital’s Quicken software is a great tool for handling your finances. Quicken will let you keep track of bills, expenses, and your bank accounts, and can also help run the accounting and finances at your small company.

Quicken is highly-rated, exceptionally stable, and has been around since the 1980s, so it is universally supported by accounting firms. Quicken is trusted all over the world to handle billing systems, financial goals, and investments, but those features don’t come cheaply. Installing a new copy of Quicken can cost you anywhere from $40 to $100 USD, and the developers have been experimenting with subscription models in other countries—bad news for those of us who don’t want to pay monthly or yearly for software. Also see our article Fortunately, there are alternatives that are less expensive than Quicken, and there are even some good free choices out there.

If you’ve been on the hunt for an alternative program for both personal and small business finance tracking rather than paying for and using Quicken, there’s plenty of good news for you. We’ve found the five best accounting system software packages available as alternative choices to Quicken. So whether you don’t want to pay for software, or you’re looking for something a bit easier to use or manage, we’ve got some of the best alternatives listed below.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re confident one of these will fit both your personal use and your small business needs. GNUCash isn't the prettiest software out there—as so many freely-licensed platforms are—but it is a great alternative to Quicken that won't cost you a dime of cash outlay.

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The GNUCash app is available on Linux, Windows 10, and MacOS, making it a great choice no matter what operating system your business is built on. You can track your banking accounts, investments, your income, and expenses with GNUCash, making it a good alternative for both personal and business use, and it has a ton of features built-in—all with the promise of never costing a cent. GNUCash is currently on version 3.2. Despite being a free-license software application, GNUCash ships with a ton of features interesting to anyone looking to replace Quicken with a new program. GNUCash's double-entry feature prevents and protects your accounts from a computing error, with every transaction required to debit one account and credit another. Scheduled transactions keep your system running smooth and without error, and a checkbook-style register keeps things looking clean and easy to understand. All of this, combined with a easy-to-use graph and reporting system, and you'll always be sure your transactions are correct and accurate.

GNUCash's biggest headaches come in the form of its steep learning curve. As is the case with most free software, GNUCash will take some adjusting to before you're as confident in your financial system as Quicken's. In our opinion, though, if you're looking at free solutions, the move is worth it. GNUCash has a large community of users, all eager to help each other learn the software, and there are several tutorials available online as well. Overall, GNUCash is one of our favorite alternatives to Quicken. The support and price of entry are great features, as is the available Android application that helps track your financials on the go.

Devcon install usb driver. It's a professional accounting app through and through, giving you peace of mind when it comes to making sure your books are balanced and your reports accurate. Definitely check this one out—with the entire suite available for free, there's no reason not to. Mint might not be for everyone, especially those users looking to stick with more-traditional financial software. But since Intuit (the company behind Mint) sold off Quicken in April 2016, it's become their primary accounting application for personal use.