How To Program Bmw Key Fob E90 Forums


Hello All, First time poster - just collected my 2006 E90 320D yesterday evening. Unfortunately, I forgot to check before hand how many keys it came with - and I only got the one key. BMW Dealer wants £166 for a second one but I have seen some on Ebay for around £20 and the sellers claims they can be reprogrammed. I realise I will still need a blade but at least this way I would have a spare remote.

However, doing some googling suggests it is not possible to reprogram a key from a different vehicle. Does anyone here have a definitive answer on this? As far as i'm aware it relates to all programable keys otherwise it would compromise security. The main cost of a new OEM key is for the re-program and not the price of the key itself. As i said before,someone may of found a way around it but i doubt it. If you think about it,if any Tom Dick or Harry could do it how safe do you think your car would be against being nicked E46 keys are reprogrammable for central locking but transponder chip within is not, so key will not pair with EWS and DME to start. Burn ps2 games for free.

Demonstration of how simple it is to program BMW key fob for 2012 X5. I read about this in some other forums and this guy even made a youtube video showing it work. Man, I would love for my windows to go up with the keyfob.I wonder if we can figure out a way to program them. Cara install autocad 2014.