I Doser Premium All Doses Free

Any of you got the I-Doser app from the AppStore or from Apptrackr and got frustrated because you needed to buy each dose separately? I've got the solution for you! First of all, haven't you noticed the app takes 200+Mb?

This is because you actually have every dose since the beginning, but to unlock them, you need to buy them. Here's how you get them for free.

I-Doser V5 Premium + all Doses. To share this torrent use the code below and insert it into comments, status messages, forum posts or your signature.

I am going to publish 2 Tutorials here. One you can do directly on your iPhone/iPod and one for Windows, but what you are going to do is exactly the same thing.

IPhone/iPod Tutorial For the iPhone/iPod method, you will need iFile. Either buy it from Cydia, or get it cracked.

I recommend buying as the app is really worth it OK! First open iFile and go to the settings. Activate the option Application Names. This will only make it easier for you to find the app's folder Then go ahead and navigate to var/mobile/Applications/ It should take some seconds to load the Applications folder, depending on the number of apps installed, as it is checking the names of the apps themselves for you to be able to find them easily. Now find I-Doser Now go inside the I-Doser folder you've found, and in to the 'iDoser.app' folder. Now scroll down a little bit and you should find a file called 'appData.plist'. You should have noticed that you already have all the doses as.mp3 audio files.

I-doser v5 premium + all doses free

This next step is the last one to trick the app into thinking you have bought the app. Now open that appData.plist file. You'll see this: Noticed the 'Purchased' string? And the 'YES' under it?

That's where the app checks if you've bought the doses or not. All you have to do is search for a 'NO' under a 'Purchased' string and turn it into a 'YES' easy. Oh my baby girl tamil song mp3 download.

And you can do this within iFile. Without your computer. Just like this one here: ---> Do this with all the doses you want to unlock then save the file and quit iFile Now launch your I-Doser app and enjoy your fully 'purchased' doses:P Windows Tutorial [spoiler]For the Windows tutorial, it will be the same as the iPhone/iPod tutorial. Just on your computer. For this tutorial, you will need OpenSSH installed on your iPhone/iPod and your favorite SSH client on your computer, in my case, iFunbox Connect your iDevice to your computer and launch your SSH client. Navigate to your 'RAW File System' then go to /var/mobile/Applications/ You should find a bunch of weird folders. Use the Search option in your SSH Client and search for 'iDoser.app' Get into that folder and you'll find a bunch of pictures and audio files.

Scroll down and find 'appData.plist' Copy the file to your PC and open it with an PLIST editor. In this case, I used PropertyList Editor (freeware) You should see some 'Purchased' strings and some 'YES' or 'NO' under them. Again replace all the 'NO's you want by a 'YES' Save your file, send it to the 'iDoser.app' folder and approve the replacement and there you go! Now launch your I-Doser app and enjoy your fully 'purchased' doses:P Hope this helped. What is I-Doser?