Install Snow Leopard From Usb Stick Hackintosh Iso

I have the setup ISO file for my Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I need to be able to boot this and install it to a USB drive (from a windows pc by booting the USB drive). I can't run it in a virtual environment and I can't burn it to a DVD (it doesn't work for some reason. It only makes a ~120KB of data on the DVD). So, I need to make a bootable USB installer from the Snow Leopard ISO so I can boot that and install it to another USB/hard drive (this has to be done from a windows machine). I have tried but it requires the USB to be formatted as FAT32 and as the ISO is over 4GB, this won't work.

How can I create the bootable installer? Mp3 splitter joiner pro 4.2 setup key.

For Windows (2-week trial) can format USB drives for mac and restore.dmg files to USB drives. Download Transmac and install in Windows In the right-side panel of Transmac, right click on your USB Drive >> Format Disk >> Format with Disk Image (see attached screenshot) Point to your.dmg file and click Open. Is there a trick to get it to see your USB drive? Mine won't show up in transmac. I've managed to open up a image I created from my SD card using macdrive and I was able to edit that image.

10.8 Ready for USB stick image Hackintosh. XxX 10.5.6 Leo Install Disc Rev1 - Hackintosh OS X Leopard. Leopard 10.5.6 Hackintosh AMD.iso. Mac Os X Snow Leopard iATKOS 10.7.

If I could just get it to see my USB stick i'd be set. Edit - I figured it out. Had to run as admin. I am getting the same error.

Did u somehow fix it? Guys why don't you give a try on this way!! Incase of making OSX USB Bootable Drive on WINDOWS u need few things u can google it to find 1) 8GB USB drive (atleast or more OR USB HARD) 2) Ultra ISO 3) OSX DVD Installer 4) Windows PC (xp,vista,7) with DVD ROM And easy to get done in few steps On Windows PC Format your USB drive in normal FAT32 format Install Ultra ISO Run it 'As Adminitration' if on Vista or Win7.put OSX Installer DVD in ROM go to 'Tools' n select 'Make DVD Image' option.n save it as Standard.ISO file on desire location Now in Ultra ISO go to 'Bootable' and choose option 'Write Disk Image.' ' there you select USB Drive.brows.ISO file.choose Write Method 'USB-HDD+' and get done in an hour may be less hope this will help and if you dont have DVD ROM available but u already have DMG file in system then u simply turn your file extension.DMG to.ISO n follow. I've used transmac to format and write Snow Leopard DMG (uncompressed) image to a 16GB corsair memory stick.all went fine. However when i try to boot from it on my Dell 630 i get a error on boot 'No boot sector on USB device'.any ideas on how to check if it should be bootable and also make it bootable? Here's what I'm trying.

I'll come back and let you know if it works: Currently having TransMac make the usb boot stick. But you say it won't be bootable. Well I think we need to use a boot loader no? All the guides talk about using osx to make the usb stick. My plan was to burn the DMG with TransMac (which failed. Have 2 dvd's left to try) and once I had the DVD, to install it on vmware after booting it with the snowy vmware files.