Install Windows On Asus Chromebox

Chrome OS is a great operating system, but it can't do everything. There are times when you need Windows. Here's how to install Windows 10 on Chromebook.

A few years ago I wrote a blog post detailing how to install the. Recently though The Movie Database plug-in on my OpenELEC installation has become broken and will no longer retrieve movie metadata, posters and fanart. After troubleshooting the issue a little and waiting to see if it would be fixed I decided to move on and discovered LibreELEC – a fork of OpenELEC. While I always liked OpenELEC I have to say that LibreELEC has already impressed me more since installing it.

In my opinion the GUI and menus are much improved – everything is visually appealing and better organized. I have encountered two minor issues though: • Close to 200 of the movies that were scraped upon adding their sources have the incorrect year of 1969 as their date. This can be fixed manually by refreshing the meta-data but is still a little annoying.

• I created a 2nd profile for kids content and could not see the add network location option when selecting a content source. The for me was to toggle the unlock sources switch to on under the view settings. Installing LibreELEC was very straightforward.

While I believe that you can update an existing OpenELEC installation to LibreELEC I opted to simply install LibreELEC over it. If you are starting from scratch with a new Chromebox please refer to the first half of my original blog post. Otherwise I would recommend an Intel NUC over the Chromebox because of the ease of installation. A NUC can much more easily be re-purposed should the need arise. To install LibreELEC visit the and grab the USB-SD Creator for your PC, Mac or Linux box. For a Chromebox installation: • Select Generic AMD/Intel/NVIDIA (x86) from the select version drop down menu.

• Click the Download button. • Select your USB drive from the drop down menu and then click the Write button. This will erase your USB drive and create a bootable LibreELEC installation. From here simply put your USB drive in your Chromebox and boot from USB. To do this press the Escape key on your keyboard while your Chromebox boots and then select option 2 to boot from USB. Follow the prompts and LibreELEC will very soon be up and running!

Remove your USB drive once LibreELEC is installed.

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Hey, I did this too and am now doing a triple boot! I was able to get sound working, but not over HDMI. Curiously enough, I cannot get sound working over HDMI on chrubuntu either.

Anyways, I think the issue is with Windows 7 is that the SeaBios has been updated to no longer support Windows 7 (so I have been reading). So if you find a way to flash an older one, then you should be able to install Windows 7 (working on it). Incase anyone was interested, I tried the same thing with a mavericks installer:) It booted, but I can't install it anywhere.

If anyone knows how to install Mavericks to an External, I'll make the first Hackintosh guide. Thanks for the report! HDMI sound has been a curious thing for me, it did not seem to work in chrubuntu. Chrubuntu hooked up to my TV worked great though, I'm wondering if my monitor is reporting something weird with the sound or if the volume was just not adjusted.

I tried Windows 8 hooked up to my TV and it still did not work however. I installed the latest Intel HD and HD audio drivers from the website and that did not fix things.

Install Windows On Asus Chromebox

HDMI audio does not show up in the sound playback devices at all, not even as disabled. If someone gets Windows 7 working I'd go for that since media center is the only app on Windows I really care about that would be great, but I don't have a problem paying for it from the app store if there is sound. Lifehacker and probably a hundred other websites have guides on how to boot Mavericks from a USB if I recall correctly. You need to start from a working Mavericks machine though, and I'm guessing if you make the drive from a non-hackintosh you are in for a beastly load of work to get the drive working on non-Mac hardware though. Hey Man, Just reporting my findings, Could not get Windows 7 to Boot, no matter what, 0x0000007 something error each time. I then tried to Install Windows 7 to the SSD by booting to the install USB, but theres no USB 3.0 drivers for the setup so you can't click anything.

Tried integrating them with R7Lite, tried doing an unattended setup, but each time, it gets stuck on the select language starting screen. My next step is to format all of the internal drive, and then boot from a USB to a Live CD and then copy all the files over, then boot from a Windows install disc into a recovery console and repair the bootloader. Ideally I just want a windows version running off the 16SSD, and thats it.

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