Kenwood KNA-DV3200 For SUBARU Navigation European Edition 2005-2

SUBARU Navigation DVD European Edition v1 [2008] [4] (Kenwood MP328 KNA-DV 3200 Compatible) Burn the.ISO to a Dual Layer DVD.

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• DVD NAVIGATION SYSTEM KNA-DV3200 INSTRUCTION MANUAL © PRINTED IN JAPAN B64-2616-00/02 (E) • Contents Before Use.3 Stored Locations.38 Memory Points.39 Replacing Map Discs.4 ■ Memory Point Storage.39 Inserting the Map Disc.4 ■ Memory Point Confirmation and Modification.40 ■ Memory Point Deletion.42 Removing the Map Disc.4 ■. • Kenwood Car Navigation System and follow the manual's off can cause the battery to run down. Kenwood are not liable for problems or accidents resulting from failure to observe the instructions in this manual. Time before current position is displayed. • Replacing Map Discs Inserting the Map Disc Slide the front cover downward to open the disc- insertion slot. Insert the map disc (facing upward) and close the front cover. Removing the Map Disc Slide the front cover downward to open the disc- insertion slot.

• Starting Up Navigation Start up navigation and display the map of the area around your vehicle. Turn on the car engine. The Opening screen appears, followed by the CAUTION screen. Read CAUTION carefully, and select CAUTION Most functions are inhibited while the vehicle is in motion. Please read the handbook for operating instructions. • Language Selection You can change the language of the menu and the voice guidance.

Select Select (Language). Select your preferred language from the list.: Displays up to five previous items.: Displays the previous item.: Displays the next item.: Displays up to five of the next items. • Markers (and Controls) Displayed on Maps Screens Before Setting Route Scroll the map 1 Time display 7 Vehicle marker Displays the current time. Shows the current position and direction of your vehicle. 2 GPS (Global Positioning System) marker 8 Store Memory Point button Shows the status of the signal from the GPS satellite.

• Menu Screen Change Chart Destination Entry Address page 14 Point of Interest page 16 Select from Map page 17 Postcode page 21 Memory Point page 15 Previous Destination page 17 Junction page 20 Motorway Ent/Exit page 18 Coordinates page 19. • Map Operations Changing the Map Orientation Either the direction in which you are headed or north can be shown as upwards on the map. Select Selecting rotates the map to so that direction you are heading is always shown as upwards on the screen (the red arrow indicates North).

• Map Operations Changing the Map Scale You can increase or decrease the scale of the map. Select to change the map scale. Selecting changes the scale of the map as shown left. • You can keep selecting to continually change the map scale. • Set Route Setting Destination Setting Destination by Scrolling the Map You can set the destination or way point if the exact address not known. Touch the screen to scroll the map until is at the destination point or way point. Select (Destination or Way Point).

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