Magic Chef Microwave Manual Mco160ub

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• Microwave OvenUse and Care ManualMCO160UW / MCO160UB / MCO160UQ / MCO160STable of ContentsIntroduction... 1Precautions to Avoid PossibleExposure to Excessire MicrowaveEnergy.... Ai no kotodama 2 sekai no. 1IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONImportant Safety Instructions. 2~3Never operate the oven when it is empty orwithout the glass turntable.Installation Recommendations. 4Control Panel..

• IntroductionCongratulations on your purchase of an over-therange microwave oven. For best results, wesuggest reading this guide carefully. You willfind instructions on the proper operation andmaintenance of your microwave.PRECAUTIONSTO AVOIDPOSSIBLEEXPOSURE TOEXCESSIVEMICROWAVEENERGYA. Do not attempt to operate this ovenwith the door open since open-dooroperation can result in harmfulexposure to microwave energy. It isimportant not to defeat or tamper withthe safety interlocks.B. • IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSWhen using electrical appliances, basic safetyprecautions should be followed, including the following:WARNING - To reduce the risk of burns,electric shock, fire, injury to persons orexposure to excessive microwave energy:11.

Read all instructions before using the appliance.12. Read and follow the specific “PRECAUTIONS TOAVOID POSSIBLE EXPOSURE TO EXCESSIVEMICROWAVE ENERGY” found on page 1.13. This appliance must be grounded. Connect only toproperly grounded outlet. • IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS cont.31. Do not use a thermometer in food you aremicrowaving unless the thermometer is designed orrecommended for use in the microwave oven.32.

Plastic cookware designed for microwave cooking isvery useful, but should be used carefully. Evenmicrowave-safe plastic may not be as tolerant ofovercooking conditions as are glass or ceramicmaterials and may soften or char if subjected toshort periods of overcooking. • Installation RecommendationsDo not under any circumstance cut or remove thethird (ground) prong from the power cord.

Magic Chef Microwave Manual Mco160ub

Do not usean adapter plug with this appliance. See pages 1 and2 of the Installation Manual for acceptable extensioncord specifications.Remove all packing materials both outside and inside theoven before using the oven. The oven requires freemovement of air for proper operation.

Do NOT block airvents located by the top air grill and underneath the oven. • To u c h C o n t r o l P a n e lThe Touch Control Panel allows you to set the oven controls with the touch of a finger.It’s designed to be easy to use and understand.11. AUTO DEFROST - Touch this pad and enterfood weight, then START. The oven automatically sets power levels and defrosting time.(Page 10)11. DISPLAY - Displays time of day, time ortemperature during cooking functions, powerlevel being used, cooking mode and instructions.12. • 15672348wq09oruyietpa◆ Each time a pad is touched, a BEEP will sound.◆ When CANCEL/OFF Pad is touched during oven operation, the ovenwill stop, however, all programmed information is retained.

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To clearall information, touch the CANCEL/OFF Pad again.NOTE: Styling and features may differ slightly depending on model. • Oven Features at a Glance15. HOOD CONTROLSVent Fan - Press High, Low or OffLight - Press On or Off11. DOOR HANDLE - Pull to open door. Doormust be securely latched for oven to operate.12. DOOR LATCHES16.

GREASE FILTERS13. WINDOW with METAL SHIELD Screen allows cooking to be viewed whilekeeping microwaves confined in oven.17. COOKTOP LIGHT18. TURNTABLE - Composed of glass trayand roller guide. The roller guide is placedfirst in the bottom of the microwave andsupports the glass tray.