Pro Light 1000 Software Reviews

Might have a chance to obtain a Pro Light 1000 milling machine. Looking for some information on it.

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Pro light 1000 machining center

Tried internet, some stuff there but nothing on price or things of that nature. Does ANYONE out there have any experiance with one of these machines? They look light weight to me, but am used to running a Fadal 4020 VMC. I will be using it in the home shop so there will be no heavy work.

Just thought if I could get it at the right price I would do so. I might be kinda fun to play with it. Dont want to stick my neck out to far if it is junk. Whats your opinion on these machines Thanks Michael. I thought this post was DEAD! [img]redface.gif[/img] Yes I did get the machine.

It is sitting in the garage waiting for some cold weather so I can mess with it. Just have not had time. About three weeks before getting it I boought a Rockwell 10' lathe and have been working on it cleaning, bearings and belts, etc. When I do get a chance to do someting out there. Winter months are the best times for me to be out there. I will post pics of this and the lathe when they are finished and running Thanks for checking back. Not sure what controller it even has.

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Guess at this point I will leave it as is. I paid $250 for mine. And hauled it a couple miles to the house myself.

This included the computer and a solid maple table top bench on a heavy angle iron frame, that is all setting on top of some heavy duty casters. Looks like it will be fun to play around with.

If I'm lucky might get some small productions runs for it. Will have to wait and see if it even works.

I was told it did. It looks like brand new, no crash marks or holes in the table, so dont think there is anything wrong with it.

Time will tell! I just had a greedy co-teacher take my Pro Light 1000 cnc mill and I need a used one to take it's place. I need one soon for summer classes and can retrofit it with an updated control system if electronics are bad. Any goverment surplus web sites or ideas would be greatly appreciated by my high school students and me.

The local school district terminated my CAD/CAM program and suggested I go to the local technical college with my program (award winning program, 3 gold, 1 silver and a bronze in five years of CAD/CAM competition). Mad, frustrated and determined to continue on. Thanks in advance!!

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