Profound Meditation Program 3.0 Review

I've been playing around with beta and theta waves and guided meditations in recent months, so it's about time I pushed the boundaries and tested some new ground. Enter iAwake Technologies. Positioning themselves as a “Brainwave and Biofield Entrainment” project (more on biofields later) they say that through the use of their products we “will be guided toward deeper and deeper levels of happiness, joy, peace, prosperity, and emotional freedom.” Headed up by two master’s degree holders in Transpersonal Psychology, the company certainly has the credentials to back up what they are saying. The trouble is, a lot of what they are saying will probably go right over your head 🙂 So this is why, like me, you should take the leap of faith and How Does iAwake Work?

Cara download blackmart untuk android. What's more, they claim their Profound Meditation Program 3.0 to be the world's most advanced meditation technology. But are the binaural beats from iAwake.

IAwake uses a multi-layered approach to brainwave entrainment. In addition to binaural beats, they use biofield entrainment. According to the theory, “When two energy fields enter into resonance with one another, this is called the universal language of resonance. What happens is an interchange ― as two fields interface, they exchange energy and information.” As we are all made of energy, and so is everything around us, these subtle energy fields can be manipulated- like when we practice Qi Gong or tai chi.

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IAwake go on to link it up with Sattva, sacred geometry and technology to amplify the subtle energies that already exist in err everything, to play with our biofields. Biofield entrainment works on the electric field of the device you are playing the track on, so even if the volume is set to zero, the electric field manipulation will continue. This means you can have it playing on your phone, on silent, and still get the effects! Yeah, it's pretty deep. Up until today, I had no idea what biofield entrainment was, and I’m still getting to grips with it. IAwake uses other sound techniques too, such as Psychoacoustic Entrainment. This uses multi-layered sound frequencies that create musical and organic entrainment effects through the musical soundtrack itself, producing deep, relaxing trance states.

Through hypnotic cues and textures of musical phrasing, vibroacoustic frequencies (low resonating tones), and psychoacoustics (sounds that spark mental and emotional responses in the listener), this technology is designed to create a more organic entrainment for the listener. This is all very exciting and something I'm keen to continued testing. So, as mentioned, there’s a which will give you a full taste of the full program that accelerates progress into deep meditation states, increases your creativity (always good news for a hobby writer to hear) and deepens your compassion for self and others. Which, I think I’m doing ok at, but you can never have too much compassion, I suppose. Co-founder John Depuy says, “ I suffered from severe depression and emotional trauma, found healing through the application of this technology – and now use it as a core part of my work as an addiction recovery professional and teacher.” It seems a little like iAwake is claiming to be a cure-all to almost all things and turn me simultaneously into an ascended super being. Normally this is where I’d turn on my bullshit deflectors to double-front, but that would be unfair without giving the sample at least a fair crack at convincing me.