Rpg Maker Vx Ace Download Mac

Quote 'Why do you call it a rippoff?.' If you tell someone that they are buying a mac version of a program and then don't deliver, then yes its a ripoff cause you are not supplying what you advertised. At that point, no-one had advised me that I could use my serial number purchased from here, to download the software on steam (a completely different site) so at that point yes, I felt ripped off, and justly so!

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Its all very well being sarcastic and putting people down by telling them that ' no one requires you to purchase it again for that', as if it should be blindingly obvious to us, but where was that information? ​When I bought the software, not once in the purchasing process, or after, was I informed that I would have to install steam then figure out how to transfer my serial key to the Steam site before I could even download my purchase. Show me one place in the entire process that says you can use your existing key without having to repurchase the software. S how me even one mention of the fact that the Mac version is not ready yet, and that you will have to use the Steam version instead. Show me even the slightest glimmer of information for new purchasers that even hints at how to get RPG Maker installed on the Mac if you buy it from this site. If you are going to make people install steam in order to get their software, at least be upfront and honest about it, and give detailed precise instructions on how to go about it. Until you do, then don't try to put intelligent people down for not being psychic and knowing what to do when you have not provided that information in the first place!

The only link I have seen provided so far was in reply to another post that I started myself before posting in here, and that was a link to a Steam page that was so vague and unspecific as to be confusing and useless. But then we should not have to resort to posting on forums to get vital information that should have been provided in the first place when we bought the software! @ Bloody Red Riding Hood, Really?

For your information, I didn't preorder, I only just bought the software today - from the link to the purchase page, go there for yourself and see if you can find anything on the order page that says anything whatsoever about steam, let alone about being able to transfer your key to steam! I'm not some regular forum user who has had access to all the information leading up to this software being released. In fact I was not even a forum member till today.

Believe it or not your forum users are not the only people buying this software! Even the confirmation email, with the links to download the software do not mention that none of the links are for the Mac version, or that I needed to go to steam.

So I wasted time and bandwidth downloading several files of which none were of any use to me with my Mac. Just a quick look or search would have given you the answer.' Again why the hell should someone have to become a member and then search the forums for vital information that should have been provided straight away at the point of purchase.

In fact why did I even have to sign up to the forum in the first place, when I should have been able to just buy the software and start using it? This isn't some random technical issue about some minor detail of the program, this is people being unable to download their purchases because the relevant information wasn't provided to begin with.

The link to the steam page may be clear and simple to someone who has has an account and has regularly used steam, not so much if you don't even have an account yet and haven't even downloaded the software. It is plain lazy to just say to someone to go there and figure it out for yourself! The RPG maker software is excellent, but this arrogant customer blaming is incredibly poor customer service indeed!

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I was so pissed off by all of this that I was close to asking for my money back, and am still wondering if I should do so anyway! And the more you try to make me look like I'm at fault for the complete lack of information provided when I purchased the software, the more I wonder if I even want to become part of this community. Edit: just to clarify, this is the experience I have had so far: I came to the RPG Maker site after seeing an article about the new version of RPG Maker.