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Music Director:Devi Sri Prasad Lyrics:Viveka Year:2009 Director:Susi Ganesan EXCUSE ME. Hey excuse me mr kandhasamy oru coffee kudipom come with me hott ah cold ah neeye thottu paaruuuuuuu Podi podi. Hey excuse me ms subulakshmi ur activites are thapu lakshmi un pechum thottam romba kuppa lakshmiiii. Poda poda u r my love.

Kowshalya voda opposite yaen? Bullshalya than. 30.What is the similarity between short circuit and poramai? Wire-eriyarthu 31.What is the similarity between boxing and goddess kali?

Naak-out 32.Yen, desert-la irukkara post-office-la ellarum letter ezhudhittu, stamp vangittu, veliya poranga? Enna, veliya dhan otta-gum irukku.

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33.Why is your nose not twelve inches long? Had it been 12 inches long, it would have been a foot! Why is his face OILY? Because he was born in A YIL Y AM.

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What is the opposite of MAZHAIMEGAM? Mazhai may not come!! 36.What is ANOTHER difference between a MOSQUITO and a FLY? A FLY can FLY but a MOSQUITO cannot MOSQUITO!;) 37.A man was waving his hand vigorously on a hot Madras day at the bus stop.


Man 2: Ennappa Acchu? Man 1: kai-than-fan! 38.Man1: Why do we put a pillayar suzhi before we start writing? Man2: To check if the pen writes or not! 39.John: I don't know what to buy - a cow or a bicycle. Peter: You will look silly riding a cow. John: I will look even sillier trying to milk a bicycle.

40.Teacher: John, did your sister help you with your homework? John: No, Miss. She did it all. 41.Madras-la thedra job-ku, yethuku Delhi-la vandhu application fillup panra.

CAPITAL la yeluthu- nu potruku 42.A Palestenian was searching for Jews in a Restaurant. Palestenian: Are there are any Jews here? Restaurant owner: Y es we ha ve T omato Juice, Apple Juice and Grape Juice. 43.Did you hear about the man who committed suicide by drinking a can of varnish? He had a nice finish. 44.In a grocery store, a Sardarji was staring at an orange juice for couple of hours.

You know why? Because it said CONCENTRATE. 45.Usha: Enga mAmAvukku oru periya major operation nadanthirukku SV: Periya operationE major operation thAn Usha: Ayyo, operation nadanthirukku SV: Oh, major illaiya? First Person: Tell me five FERROCIOUS animals you can think of. Second: 3 Lions and 2 Tigers. 47.STD kku opposite enna? Eli eppa y annaiyahum?

(Elephant) 49. Palvalikku mukiyaman Karanan enna theriyuma? 'Pal'lu than. In a forest 10 people are going suddenly a loin came and killed 6 people.

But did not do anything on those 4 people. Because they are lion's club memebers. 51.Husband:: Dont go to kitchen with red saree a guy from Spic Jyoti is coming.He may mistake you and replace you with the Cylinder. Wife: (Looking angrily)!!! Patient: Neenga oru 'Pal Doctor' a? Illai Naan ' Muppathirendu pallukkum Doctor'. 53.Teacher: Kadal arippu erpattal enna pannalam?

Student: Sorinju vidalam!!! 54.Pullu sappitta kannu nalla theriyum yen? Yenna yendha madavadhu kannadi potturrukka 55.neththu busla poyittu irunthappa oruththar shoulderla adichchu 'Royapetta' ya nnaru 56.nan illa en 'tholpatta' nu sonnen ana yen ennai murachcharunnu theriyala. 57.Oru male B oru female B tea kudikuthu appa oru fly vilundhthiruchchu appa male B female B kitta enna solliyirukkum A B CD E. ( A(calling) B CD (parudee) E (Fly) ).