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Official banners used on PlayStation game covers Greatest Hits is a branding used by for discounted of video games. The branding is used for reprints of popular, top-selling games for each console in the PlayStation family, which are deliberately sold with a lower than the original production runs of a game, and feature special branding—colored in red since —on their, as well as red-colored cases on and releases (instead of the traditional clear or blue-colored casing). Equivalent programs exist in and (as '), (as '), (as '), and in ('). For PlayStation 4, PlayStation Hits will be used as the branding in Europe and North America. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • History [ ] When Sony introduced the program for in 1997, games could become Greatest Hits titles after selling at least 150,000 copies and being on the market for at least a year. Minimum sales required eventually rose to 250,000. When the program came to in 2002, games could become Greatest Hits titles after selling at least 400,000 copies and being on the market for at least 9 months.

Of Greatest Hits titles were initially 24.99, but they now typically retail for $19.99. Though Sony-developed games are virtually guaranteed to eventually become Greatest Hits titles by meeting their sales and age requirements, 3rd party developers are not required to release their titles with a Greatest Hits label even if said titles meet the criteria. Additionally, Sony allows 3rd party developers some flexibility in the pricing of their own Greatest Hits titles, but most of them stick to the agreed-upon suggested retail price.

Games that are multi-million sellers may become Greatest Hits titles much later than 9 months to maximize profits. It is also a common practice for a game to re-release on the Greatest Hits label at a close proximity to the release of that game's sequel or follow-up. In 2006, Sony extended the Greatest Hits program to the. To qualify, a title must be on the market for at least 9 months and have sold 250,000 copies or more. The Greatest Hits price for PlayStation Portable games typically begins at $19.99. On July 28, 2008, the program was introduced on the.

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A PlayStation 3 game must be on the market for 10 months and sell at least 500,000 copies to meet the Greatest Hits criteria. PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits titles currently sell at $29.99.

Pipe fitter layout software. Sony announced the launch of Greatest Hits on in Europe, Canada and the United States, renamed PlayStation Hits, on June 19, 2018. As with PS3 Greatest Hits releases, they will feature red-colored packaging and a red banner on their box art. PlayStation Hits pricing will also be available on. 'Special edition' Greatest Hits [ ]. This section does not any.