Tranformers Mp3 Get Tru This


Thanks to Twitter user, we have our first look at the three upcoming Studio Series figures whose reveals were teased a few days ago by Hasbro. Those four are Sideswipe, Barricade, Crankcase and World War II Bumblebee, and they’re on display at Fan Expo Canada! All four are deluxes and seem to include a fair amount of weaponry. Sideswipe comes with the dual-wield double-barrel weapons he was sporting in Dark of the Moon, Barricade has appropriately been given a sizable arm flail with which to beat up on Bee, Crankcase seems to be a straight repaint of the Crowbar mold but with a new head, and the WWII-style Bumblebee with his turret gun and hammer. The Bumblebee, while not athletic and yellow, is indeed accurate in his bulkiness and military green paint job. This version pays homage to one of Bee’s earlier forms seen in The Last Knight where he fights alongside the Allied forces. No release info is available at this time, but be sure to check out the pics after the jump and share your thoughts and excitement in the discussion below!

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With special thanks to 2005 Boards member Galvatron1998, we have learned that Transformers: Bumblebee movie promo standees and cutouts are arriving to theaters in US. Additionally, member Dotmshockwave who used to work in the theater field states that these standees indicate the start of promotional campaign for the movie. This falls in line with the regarding the Promo Tour slated to kick-start early September. The arrived promo material is a 14 Feet high and 8 Feet wide cardboard cutout of our main protagonist. Don’t be surprised by the long name.

Japanese market always surprises us with rare and exclusive Transformers items and this is one of them. Edius 7.4 effect torrent file. Credit card reader and writer software. While back in November, 2017 we of one of the most curious crossovers in our franchise.

The Transformers & Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! Crossover~Donarimasu & Guchirimasu were part of the promotional campaign for the Japanese release of the DVD/Blu-Ray of popular Japanese comedy show “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!” (“Downtown’s This Is No Task for Kids!”). An exclusive TR Cerebros/Fortress remold with special Headmaster units was included.

The Headmasters were called: DONARIMASU and GUCHIRIMASU which had got faces molded after the Japanese comedians in “super-deformed” style. Thanks to Twitter users, and we have our first in-hand images of the packaging, the small Donarimaus and Guchirimasu Headmasters units, and the main Headmaster used as the head of Legends Grand Maximus (you sure want to see it). To top it all, we can also share a video of the new audio clips which sound as if they were from a comedy show. You can check out the video and images after the jump, and then you can share your impressions on the 2005 Boards! On the same day we enjoyed their clip of, Hasbro’s channel also shared the official teaser for the figure revealed here in these very pages just before We get to see the toy put through the paces of its vehicle and robot modes, showing both the battle mask and Stinger Sword.