Ub Funkeys Installation Problems

Funkeys wont install and when i plug it in my laptop makes a starnge noise and. How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista.

I'm having this exact problem. (Copied from a thread in oct of 2008.) Angry UB Funkeys Error UB Funkeys was a gift and will not install. I get the following: Hardware driver installation failed! This may have been caused by: 1) The U.B.

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Hub was disconnected during installation process; 2) The U.B. Hub is not functioning properly Please exit the U.B.

Funkey Installer, reboot your computer and then launch the U.B. Funkey Installer again. If you still have problems with the installation process please call 800-803-9611 for additional assistance. Anyway, I made sure everything USB port was unplugged, rebooted, and tried again. Driver Patch won't work because U.B. Funkeys has to be installed and it won't install.

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