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Sinopsis: I’m Denny Smith. I moved away to my Nan’s house after my parents happily kicked me out. Why, you ask? Because I ruined my future, so they say. If you ask me, I was a naive seventeen year-old girl who chose to sleep with the boy she had loved from afar for years, only for him to want nothing to do with me in return. So here I am, back at the one place I had hoped to never return, where I’ll attend court as a witness.

Now I have to face him.Mason. There’s no other way around it. He can’t know my secret.but he will.

When I returned, I expected him to have moved on with at least a million and one other girls, to have forgotten the naive school girl with a crush that followed him around like a lost puppy, but I was wrong. What I got when I arrived was five brothers, a Granddad, a pushy Grandma, and a best friend who would stop at nothing to make me stay. But only one of them has the power to make me stay.Mason. After everything, can I truly trust him again or will he continue to break my heart? If you mess with one Carter brother, you mess with them all. 2.5.-* Evan Sinopsis: Evan Smith has had his life planned out since the age of twelve. He knew what he wanted and knew how to get it.

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It’s only when his sister is kidnapped that he realises that the life he has isn’t the one he really wants. He wants more. Evan starts laying down roots and everything seems to be going well until a hot, tiny brunette with round brown eyes turns up at his doorstep. Not only does her beauty knock Evan off his feet, but what she comes to tell him alters his whole life. Kennedy may have given him news that shook him, but she also gave him the very thing he had wished for. But when someone threatens to break up the life he's always wanted, how will he handle it?

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Will he be able to keep them safe or will he be too late? I’m Kayla Martin.

I was once sweet and innocent, saw the world bright with colour, but now all I see is black and white. He not only ripped my innocence away from me, tortured me and made my life a living hell, but he stole the very soul that made me who I am. I’m a shell of the girl I once knew. But it’s all about to change. I’m ready to face my fear. And that’s going right back to the very place all this started. Grayson High.

I’ve had to stay back a year to re-take my exams, back to the halls where students whispered, bullied, and taunted me. It’s been four years and I’m still trying to perfect the art of faking.

It’s easy most of the time. My parents never really cared about me; they just saw the fake smile and assumed everything was fabulous, until he waltzes back into my life. Myles freaking Carter. My childhood crush. And he sees straight past my fake smiles to the broken girl inside.

But what happens when he finds out about the real me.the broken, scared, weak girl? My biggest fear is on the verge of becoming discovered because he becomes my rock. I'm petrified that he'll find out what I've been hiding from everyone. Will he be able to look me in the eye once he finds out my secret?

I’ve got my looks, my charm, and well, a smile that melts panties. My charm only gets me so far though. Apparently, that limit is the law. I don’t even care when the courts finally give me a punishment for vandalising the church property; in my defence, I didn’t know it was a church.

They’ve got me serving three months of community service working at the local church’s Salvation shelter. They think three months here will change me; that I will change my delinquent ways. If only they knew. Nothing could ever tame me. I was taught at an early age that love destroys you. I accept that I’ll never love and I’ll never be loved. What I’ve learned though is that love is also your greatest weakness; it’s why that one four letter word will never leave my mouth.

I’m Lake Miller. For the past year of my life I’ve never stayed anywhere longer than a few weeks. I’d sleep at different homeless shelters, park benches or anywhere I could find a dry place to sleep; the only belongings I have are carried in my backpack. I left everything else behind. Now I’ve ended up in Coldenshire; tired of sleeping on the streets, tired of hurting and tired of eating scraps of food. So when a chance encounter for a job at the local church shelter popped up, I took it.

I know my time here is running out and that I should run, especially when the town bad boy, who is sexy as sin and annoying as hell, walks through the doors thinking he’s God’s gift to women. He thinks life is a joke, that his smart mouth hides the pain behind his eyes, but he’s so off track I’m surprised he’s not lost.

I see the real him, and I don’t want anything to do with him, but he makes it hard when he’s always in my face. I have my own pain, my own loss and grief to suffer through; I don’t need anyone else’s. I don’t need anything. Not love, not sympathy, and certainly not forgiveness, after all, I killed my brother. I’m a murderer. Sinopsis: The bad boy’s prize is a baby in my belly.