Usb Ps2 Player Converter Driver Windows 7 Download

To download USB PSII 2 PLAYER CONVERTER DRIVER. Plug in the PS2 controllers you wish to use. Works perfectly in win 7 64 bit, windows automatically. Sep 22, 2011 - I recently upgraded to Windows 64; for a sec you had me worried I could no longer use my adapter + controllers! Before writing drivers, try the.

I have a: USB Dual PS2 to PC Converter XP made by Joytech It is pretty old and the driver CD is for XP. It sometimes works in 32-bit with EMS 32-bit Vista beta drivers. Back to 64-bit: The gamepads are not shown in the game controllers dialog. They work when programming using the SDL library as well as in an old game from 1999 called Re-Volt.

I have downloaded the Windows Driver Development kit but find the documentation regarding game controllers lacking so far. Are there any good resources on the net for writing such a driver?

Since you probably have no documentation on the protocol the converter uses -- manufacturers practically never release that sort of thing -- you're looking at a very difficult task. Unless you're after an 'educational' (read: incredibly frustrating) experience, your best bet will be to just buy a new converter which is better supported by current OSes. If you want to take it on anyway, though, your first step will probably be to get a logic analyzer and read up on how USB works. You'll need it. I recently upgraded to Windows 64; for a sec you had me worried I could no longer use my adapter + controllers!

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Before writing drivers, try the latest drivers from the Mayflash web site (in case is just an OEM/rebranding.) • I my adapter as • Then I downloaded the latest drivers (Oct 2009) from the I am running Windows 7 64 Ultimate. Both my PS controllers are identified as 'Dual USB Force Feedback Joypad (MP-8866)' in Control Panel All Control Panel Items Devices and Printers.

The 'Properties' button brings up the custom Mayflash dialog; all buttons, sticks, lights, and force feedback seem to be working.