Volkswagen Navigation Rns Mfd2 Cd

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MFD2 OEM VW GPS navigation FAQ The MFD2 is the second generation in dash GPS navigation system from VW. This article shows some of the features, part number, and specifications of the system. Introduction There were silver and black button versions found in the Jetta/Golf and a CD version found in the Touareg that is a different size. A CD based version must use regional CDs for map data. DVD based versions cover a much larger region (all of Canada/US).

If your start up screen shows 'DVD navigation' you know you have a DVD version (shown below). There were also Euro MFD2 CD based versions that will work in North America. The main advantage vs. A handheld portable GPS is that it came with a 6 CD changer in the armrest, displays street names, turn arrows, distance information, and other GPS data on the MFD+, and speaks through the car stereo system. If you want OEM GPS, the price is low enough so that it's something to consider.

MFD2 is plug-play (with an antenna) for any mk5/mk6 car but unless you also install the armrest CD changer or you won't be able to use the GPS at the same time because map data is on the CD or DVD. Since it's CAN BUS it will not work in a mk4 car without extensive retrofitting and modification. The DVD navigation headunit plays audio CD but the software version must be above 47 (current is at least 50).

See to see how to check your version. The headunit or 6 cd changer cannot play mp3 disks so the ipod aux in cable is a good alternative if you don't have the CD changer.

The basic specs are: 6.5' color LCD in 16:9 aspect ratio CD-R, CD-RW compatibility for all units and mp3 compatibilty if you have the CD version (I'm pretty sure) RDS radio receiver 4x 20w GALA (this increases volume with faster speed) The CD versions have an external diversity switcher and the DVD versions have an internal one. Diversity antenna is a dual radio antenna which instantly switches to the one with the better signal. If you have a CD version and swap the radio to something else with an internal diversity switcher, you have to bypass the module (under the passenger seat). Remember that if you buy a new/used MFD2 GPS system or remove it from the center console, you must have the security code to reinstall it or else you've got an expensive brick. If you didn't get the manual, here is a. My main complaint about the DVD is that it has copy protection even against making legal backups for your own personal use! I've heard that you may be able to make a legal backup if your DVD-DL burner can do DVD-ROM as a booktype burning method.

As a side note, European maps are from Teleatlas. North American maps are from Navteq. Here is what you see on the MFD+ (full screen multifunction display). Once you get close to a turn, the arrow shows up and a 'distance until turn' bar shows up. The closer you are, the higher the dashed line moves.

Here is a shot of how it looks in the center console showing various roads, lakes, and the highway. To remove it, just pry off the black trim around the radio and remove the 4 screws holding it down. Make sure you have a radio code or else you have an expensive paperweight!

Add ons or updates like aux-in, video in motion, bluetooth, and firmware updates There are some updates like video in motion (demo is shown below on a Euro unit), aux in for ipod input under the CD changer screen, and other aftermarket plug ins. The 3.5mm aux-in cable is VW# 000 051 444 m (000051444m). This can plug into a standard headphone jack and as such, will not charge your ipod battery or let you control the mp3 using the steering wheel or radio controls.

That part is only for cars with the navigation radio MFD2 GPS. Densha de go 3 crack. It will not remove the satellite or CD changer. If you wish to have full ipod integration you can use the ipod cable kit VW# 1k0051444 (1k0 051 444) but you lose the CD changer. It doesn't affect sat radio. This cable works on all mk4 and newer cars since it substitutes the CD changer. It treats the first 5 playlists as the first 5 CD and treats all other playlists as the 6th cd.