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Sometimes you need to copy text from a PDF document into the website. If you just grab the text and paste it straight in, you will often get these sorts of effects, where the lines don't reach the right-hand edge of the page: In order to make the process relevant and accessible to industry, stage two has seen the group working on two case studies with a Or: The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors, and do not represent the views of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, its Council or its officers except where explicitly identified as such. This publication is copyright under the Berne Convention and the international Copyright Convention Here is a useful trick to quickly resolve this without having to remove all the line breaks manually. Basically all it does is automatically replace all the unwanted line breaks with a single space, making all the text run together into a single paragraph: • copy the text you want from the PDF • paste into a new Word document • click “edit” then “replace” • make sure you’re in the “find what” field • click “more” then “special” • select “paragraph mark” (top of the list) • click into the “replace with” field • press the space bar once • click “replace all” • click “ok” then close the “find & replace” box. All the line breaks have now been removed.

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Now, copy the text from the Word doc and paste into the website – but please remember to remove the Word formatting, either by using the Notepad process (copy from Word, paste into Notepad, copy from Notepad, paste into website) or by pasting direct from Word into the website but applying the “format eraser” to the text afterwards. The only problem with the above technique is that you may have a large chunk of text, spread across several paragraphs, that you want to paste from the PDF into the website - because if you remove all the line breaks, all your paragraphing will go as well. So how do you retain the paragraphs but remove all the unwanted line breaks? Here's how: • copy the text off the PDF • paste into a new Word document • go through the text, manually inserting a ` symbol (top left of standard keyboards) at the beginning of each paragraph. (NB this can be any symbol you like, e.g.


Chinese script in, Mandarin Chinese is the official language of Mainland and, and is one of the official languages of. In English, it is often just called 'Mandarin' or 'Chinese'. In China, it is called Putonghua (普通话), meaning 'common speech', while in Taiwan it is referred to as Guoyu (國語), 'the national language.'

It has been the main language of education in China (excluding and ) since the 1950s. Download pokemon third element gba. Standard Mandarin is close to, but not quite identical with, the Mandarin dialect of the area. In Singapore, it is officially referred to as HuaYu (华语). Lyon & healy bowl back mandolin Note that while the spoken Mandarin in the above places is more or less the same, the written characters are different.

Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau all still use, whereas Mainland China and Singapore use a simplified derivative. Educated people living in Mainland China or Singapore can still understand traditional character with no problem but not vice versa, for example Taiwanese people may have difficulty recognising some simplified characters. Understand [ ].