Mio C520 Unlock Igo Primo

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Auto gps mio digiwalker c320 featuring iGO, primo and amigo navigation on board, windows explorer, media player, mp3 player, wide screen games.

Mio Widescreen (4.3') GPS Navigation System With Text-To-Speech And Bluetooth (C520) is $199.99 @ Futureshop: Update Nov. 7, 2008: $179.99 now! 17, 2008: $166.99 after 'e-certificate'. See post #79 (by towhytea).

Thanks towhytea! 21, 2008: back to $179.99 again. 28, 2008: $199.99 again Update: $152.99 Dec.

7 5:00 pm - Dec. 8, 2008 10: am EST; Dec. 8 5:00 pm - Dec. 9, 2008 10: am EST; Update Dec. 5, 2008: $169.99 now Update Dec. 12, 2008: $199.99, in Stock ================================================================================================= FAQ 1.

Why Mio C520? How does it compare to Mio Moov series, Garmin, TomTom, etc?

Mio C520 basically is a PDA with WinCE 5.0 operating system after being unlocked. Therefore, you may install many popular navigation software, like iGo, Garmin, TomTom, etc. More important, you can use newest map. So thinking it as a PDA, very flexible.

Garmin also can be unlocked. But so far, the unlock for C520/C320 is best, and there are lot of people our there providing you the technical support: the most famous C520/C320 unlock package MioPocket is updated continuosly. On the other hand, C520's hardware is pretty strong: 4.3' wide screen, blue tooth, 2.0GB ROM, SDIO support (see below) etc, while the price is very low: $152.99 right now. For comparison with Mio new Moov series, see the #5 post. What do I need to do after getting C520? Do not eage to unlock it first.

Run with original settings to see if there is any problem with the device itself. Somebody reported some problem of this device right out of box. After making sure the device is ok, then you may go ahead to unlock it if you want. Why do I need to unlock it?

If you want to (1) install other navigation software; (2) install newer downloaded map; (3) install games, dictionary, ebooks, etc; then you need to unlokc C520 first. How to unlock C520? To unlock C520 to become a PDA: (1) (2). There are other unlock packages available if you search the Internet.

I do not want to unlock C520, but want to install newer map. Firstly, you need to follow to unlock MioMap (C520 basically same as C320 regarding to unlock), then download new map for 'MioMap'. C520 orignal POI is only around 6.0 million, while this has much more POI; this is has 12.5 million POI. You may find other new maps for MioMap. Do I need to upgrade firmware?

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Generally speaking, if your Mio C520 works well, there is no need to upgrade firmware. If there is some malfunction (like bluetooth problem), try to upgrade firmware, it may fix the problem. I am confused with 'MioMap', 'iGo', GPS maps, etc. Before Mio's latest Moov series, all Mio GPS (C520/320/720, C310, C220, C230, A710, A510, etc) installs 'MioMap', a navigation software which is based on iGo 2006 with different interface, but same core or kernel. The new Moov series still has 'MioMap', but it is totallly different from its predecessor. The latest iGo version is (Nov. There are two kinds of GPS map for North America: TeleAtlas and NAVTEQ.

The latest TeleAtlas map for North America is. It can be used by iGo 8.0.xxx, not iGo8.3.xxx.

The latest NAVTEQ map for North America is, it can be used by iGo8.3.xxx, not iGo 8.0.xxx, or iGo2006. IGo8.3.xxx has a new 'reality view' function. Some people say NAVTEQ is a little bit more accurate than Teleatlas in North America maps. NAVTEQ's POI is much less than that of TeleAtlas. You may use TeleAtlas 2008.04 POI in iGo 8.3.xxx with NAVTEQ maps.