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Orissa Review * October - 2004 Origin of Tantricism and Sixty-Four Yogini Cult in Orissa Dr. Janmejay Choudhury Tantricism in some form or other evolved in is explained as that class of tantra which is almost all the countries of the world. But in addressed to Parvati by Lord Siva, whereas India it has a speciality forming a significant Nigama refers to tantra spoken by Parvati to part of the country's religious system in points Lord Siva. Yamalas tantra were designed to of time and space.

All Folk (64) DVDS; All DVDs (1271) DISCOURSES; All Discourses (231) DANCE; All Dance (120) CULTURE; All Culture (203). Yogini Tantra with Hindi Commentary. Namavali 64 yogini. Fairy tail english patch psp iso The 'Chausathi Mahamayavi Tantras' or '64 Yogini' as Veda. Yamalas tantra were designed to mean the. Hindi and Sanskrit Pdf.

The ancient and modern mean the worship of united deities. Varahi scholars have stated different derivative tantra says Agamas deal with seven topics meanings of the Cosmology, word 'Tantra'. Destruction, According to M.M. Worship of God, Haraprasad Sastri S a d h a n a, it means shortening Purascharana, the of abbreviation like six block rites algebraic forms of and four-fold formula. The word meditation. Is traced from the Yamala tantra, on term 'tan' (to the other hand, spread) and 't atri' deals with (to explain). Thus cosmology, the original astronomy, connotation of the division of castes, Chausathi Yogini Pitha, Ranipur Jharial term is scientific.

Yogadharma etc. Tantra is a science Agamas are of various types. Shaktisangama of religion and philosophy of science. Tantra tantra records Saiva, Sakha, Ganapatya, Saura, is Sadhana. In order to understand Tantra, its Vaisnava, Mahavira, Pasupata etc.

(of eleven antiquity, significance etc in the religious system types) and Savara of (eleven types). Agamas of India, we have to touch upon the ancient are Vedic or non-Vedic. It is divided into civilisations, when the early men derived the Tantra, Yamala and Damara. Damaras are of magical power from the natural phenomena. Six types - Yoga Damara, Siva Damara, Durga Tantra is generally categorised into Agama, Nigama and Yamala. The term Agama 7 Damara, Saraswata Damara, Brahma Damara and Gandharva Damara. In accordance with Orissa Review * October - 2004 the sects the Tantras are classified.

Geographical conditions are also responsible in classification of Tantra, viz. Visnukranta, Rathakranta and Asvakranta. There are three trends of tantras: Dakshina, Vama and Madhyama. Like this tantra has a vast mass of literature covering wide range of heterogenous systems. In the Vamadeva Tantra Parvati said to Lord Siva 'you have explained to me crores of tantras each of which has a special features of its own.'


Really it is difficult to state the nons of tantras. Each tantra has its philosophy, own system of ritual practice and deity etc. As a matter of fact, the tantras deal with the worship of not only female deities but with various male deities as well. And we have really works known as tantras belonging to various sects like the Saivas, the Vaisnavas, the Ganapatyas, the Sauras etc. It is true that this literature is generally known among the followers of various sects as 'Agama' as well. The Tantrikas consider tantra as the fifth Veda. Bhaskar Ray in his book 'Setubandha' describes the 'Chausathi Mahamayavi Tantras' or '64 Yogini' as Veda.