Edisecure Dcp 240 Driver

DCP 240 Direct Card Printer for sale starting at $2,195.00 EA. DCP 240 Direct Card Printer; Item #: DCP240. No count limitation using EDIsecure cards. The single-sided, edge-to-edge EDIsecure® DCP 240+ Direct Card. Printer is the perfect solution to enter the world of ID card printing. With its fast print speed,.

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• EDIsecure ® DCP240 Printer Guide 565991-001 Rev. 01 August 2005. • Information resources for the DCP240 Printer Installation To install the printer: To install one printer to a PC using a USB cable, see the Installation Map, shipped at the top of the printer carton. For detailed installation information or for special situations (such as network installation), Info Central.


• Contents About the printer. 4 Loading cards.8 Loading print ribbon. • Page 4 About the printer The outside of the printer Printer Cover. Latch: Lift the latch to open the printer cover. Input hopper: Lift the cover to load blank cards. Output hopper: Remove completed cards.

Ready button: Push to pause or unpause the printer. The status light helps you understand printer operation. • Ports are located on the left side of the printer. Manual Advance Knob: Use to release a card in the printer or to turn rollers. Power Receptacle: Plug in the power supply to power on the printer.

Cable Guides: Hold the data cable securely. USB Data Port: Connect the data cable to the printer. • Page 6 The inside of the printer Cover Arm: Holds the cover and printhead cartridge in place. Printhead Cartridge: Applies the image to the card. Print ribbon cartridge with print ribbon. Printer Label: Includes the serial number and model information (located on the left side of the printer and not visible in this drawing).

• Features and options Features and options are identified on the printer label. • Printers with “U” printing can print one color (monochrome). Printers with “C” printing can also print in full color. • All DCP printers use a USB connection. • Page 8 Loading cards 1 Open the input hopper cover. 2 Remove cards from the original package. Tips: Handling cards • Cards can stick together: Slide or fan cards to separate the edges.

• Do not touch the surface of cards before printing them. (Oils on hands will reduce printing quality.) •. • 3 Place the cards in the input hopper. The diagram shows the typical location for the magnetic stripe. 4 Push the input hopper cover closed until it latches. ® See 'EDIsecure PVC Cards' on page 23 for more information about supplies and replacement parts for DCP printers.

• Page 10 Loading print ribbon 1 Open the printer cover. 2 Remove the ribbon cartridge. 3 Remove both used ribbon spools from the cartridge (if present). Tips: Handling print ribbon • Keep unused ribbon in the original package.

• Don’t place ribbon on a dusty or dirty surface–dirt could damage the printhead. • 5 Load the new roll of print ribbon on the cartridge. — Put the full spool of ribbon on the supply spindle of the ribbon cartridge. Push until the spool clicks onto the spindle. — Put the empty take-up spool on the spindle with the solid black gear. • Page 12 Check the PC connection The printer and PC are connected when the printer is set up.

Before beginning card processing, make sure the connection is complete. The USB data cable should be connected to a USB port on the PC and to the USB data port on the printer. The printer can be connected in these other ways: •. • Power on the printer Plug in the printer to power it on. The printer does not have a power switch. 1 Make sure the power supply cord connects to the printer power receptacle (1).

2 Connect the power cord to the power supply (2). 3 Connect the power cord to the power outlet (3). • Page 14 Status light The front of the printer has a light that provides information about the current state of the printer. At startup, the status light displays steady amber for several seconds, a red-amber-green sequence, and then blinking green for several seconds. When the printer is ready to print, the status light is steady green. Status Light Description Meaning. • Status Light Description Meaning Blinking Amber The printer has an error.

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Check the following: • See the PC for a message. • If you used the Power-on/Ready sequence to print a test card, check the printer for problems. • If you changed the printer name, power the PC off and on. • Page 16 Opening Properties or Printing Preferences Begin with the printer connected to the PC and powered on so values are saved correctly. 1 Choose Start from the Windows task bar. 2 Choose Settings and then Printers (and Faxes).