Slrr Engine Tool Models

Aug 9, 2010 - Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza 6 Apex Converting - Tutorial & Tools (652). Make your Engine installable on any car (NO SLRR EDITOR) (432). Changed some javas, made standalone model javas, stockparts lists, handling.

Here are a few things that would make SLRR 'funky fresh' in my oppinion 1. Instead of creating cars/engines how about porting them? E.g you take a GTA:SA mod car and convert it into a format that SLRR can read 3. WHEELIE BARS, thats it 4 please add some sound custoumizeation (that catagory in the catalog for parts that is 100% empty) 5 add more realistic NOS placement. (so what this is i am so fustrated that i can fit only 4 NOS bottles in the Haulers Superduty when in fact theroretticly it can fit up to 16 bottles of 96 pound NOS bottles or whatever there called. 6 add a option for that deformation still exists but body panels are harder to come off and engine is impossible to come out from crashing 7 fix the option that you choose a stock car and drive 8 like in some Need for speed games it would be cool if you could be a police officer in a mode and pull over racers and stuff like dat i fixed some things becuase they made no sense.

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Originally posted by Dab Clinton:1. There is a special mode that you can create your own car (not related to your career, and it is style of building is like automation (the car company tycoon game ) this is a thing i dont get.

Why people want to have a 3D modeling tool and super indepth engine and car buildng added to a game that barely can hold itself together. I think atm the game is as indepth as it can on the current engine and porting the game to a new engine means building the game from nearly the scratch. And i donth its worth while for a mode that doesnt fit the game i agree that it could be cool. But it doesnt fit this game.

Hello, i`m huge fan of Street legal racing redline and I love where Beam NG is going. I would love to see project like SLRR rebirth on BeamNG engine. I believe core developers of BeamNG are unable to copyright SLRR, but community can make a mod. I can see that BeamNG can have everything what we need to make a perfect game.

I would like to know if such idea is good? Im programmer myself, Ive been making mods for SLRR in its days, so I could definetalt contribute to this on my free time. Let me know what you think. The first time I played SLRR I was recently playing a lot of beamng but I didn't even realize that it didn't have soft body physics until about half an hour of playing and I was crashing a lot, but as much as I like SLRR I feel like a mod like this would be way too much work to make at this point in development of the base game, and even if it was later in development there would probably have to be very few AI cars and they would have to be on-rails until touched like in the original. And there is also the issue with how beams engine limits the size of terrains but a small city might work fine if it was mostly flat, honestly I'd say wait until career mode is added, make a drag racing mod and a city map and then go from there if you wanted to try to make a SLRR mod.

SLRR was so much ahead of it's time, it was amazing what they could do with all those bugs and less powerful hardware. Running around the city and going for races, was quite big part of it, of course the garage too. First there was Street Rod, then SLRR, there has been poor attempts but nothing has gotten even close to those yet. Maybe BeamNG can offer something for that, but it might need some simpler dummy vehicles as currently performance will be bit of a problem. Street Rod way might be more feasible though, it would require possibility to load maps and store vehicle state though as you had to repair and tune car after races, wear of the parts should be implemented too etc.