Dtexec Decrypt Parameter

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Hi Experts, I am trying to schedule a job with ssis package. The error message is: SQL Server Execute Package Utility Version.0 for 32-bit Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 2010. All rights reserved. Argument 'LV' for option 'connection' is not valid.

The command line parameters are invalid. The step failed. I googled and found something that is, i need to add /decrypt command line Reference: My package protection level is EncryptSensitivewithUserkey, is this is the best protection level, Please suggest me. The issue is with the /connection property, not with /decrypt. Normally, the package will be decrypted by your user key (as the protection level suggests) so you wouldn't need to add the /decrypt option. However, in SQL Server Agent jobs packages are executed using the SQL Server Agent account, or with a proxy if you specified one. So you need to change your protection level to EncryptSensitiveWithPassword and add /decrypt with the password (although SQL Server Agent will ask you for the password) or change it to DontSaveSensitive and store your sensitive data in package configurations (last option is preferred by me).

In the SQL Server Agent, don't select the connections in the connections tab, it's not necessary. Ea cricket game free download. Syntax for command line can be found here: My blog. MCSE Business Intelligence - Microsoft Data Platform MVP. You can't post new topics.

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Dtexec decrypt parameter

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