Arcp-2000 Computer Control Program

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Arcp-2000 Computer Control Program

Kenwood ACRP-2000 product reviews. Watch karate kid full movie. Kenwood's ARCP-2000 program does what. If you are looking at getting a TS-B2000 but are unsure about computer control. Remotely control DU1AZ station using ARCP2000, Teamviewer and Skype.

I having problems with software now that I have upgraded to some new P4 2.8 machines. I use to use it on a 700mhz Athlon and worked good. That machine went bad and I bought a new machine same XP software but new P4 2.8ghz and now the software hanges up sometimes.

Not sure what is going on. It hanges up on TRX manager program too. I tried it on two machines which are the same it does the same.

I can use the Remote head and the radio works fine. I just want to be able to use the software. KZ4USA Logged.

The free-ware DXLab Suite works with your TS-2000. This Suite is composed of eight applications that can operate independently, but detect each other's presence and interoperate automatically.