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Rating language release other uploader download 2 Arabic 0 Arabic 0 Bengali 1 Brazilian Portuguese 0 Chinese -1 Chinese 1 Croatian 0 Danish 4 Dutch 0 Dutch 5 English 1 English 0 English 0 English 0 English 0 English 0 English 0 English 0 English 0 English 0 English 0 English -1 English 0 Farsi/Persian 0 Farsi/Persian 0 French 2 Greek 0 Hebrew 0 Hungarian 0 Hungarian 0 Hungarian 0 Indonesian 0 Indonesian 0 Korean 0 Macedonian 1 Norwegian 2 Portuguese 0 Portuguese 0 Romanian 0 Serbian 2 Spanish 0 Swedish 0 Turkish. There are 3 hugely anticipated block-busters this year and Battleship was the first one to be released. I had expectations of watching this at that cinema a few times and getting it on blue ray - this is my type of movie!; or at least that was the expectation.

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With such great promotional footage and Liam Neeson heading the cast, it had to be great. In reality, Neeson has almost a bit part (in fact you see most of it in the promotional adverts), clearly there to increase sales of the movie; with the bulk of the 'acting' coming from Taylor Kitsch. A ludicrous start with Kitsch playing a 27 year loser who, on the recommendation of his brother (Alexander Scarsgard) joins the Navy, suddenly to become at Lt Cdr - The script is clearly written by someone with no military knowledge or experience and that the actions, demeanour and interaction with all that are supposed to be military personnel, is a non sense. It makes Top Gun look believable! However, it gets worse;with aliens that have made there way to earth with great looking craft,that impressively rise from the ocean (great CGG) - you see it on the commercials for the movie, the only weapon they possess are melee type Armour - pretty ridiculous really and by this point the movie has lost any form of credibility.

The outcome is obvious from the first few minutes and I certainly wouldn't go back for a repeat viewing. It's still probably worth a watch if you can't resist, but don't buy any pop corn; there's enough corn in this movie! This is my first ever review on IMDb and after watching this movie a few hours ago I was compelled to register on IMDb so I could play the Battleship guessing game with you (similar to the original Battleship, only that it's not). Q1: How does a radio telescopes work?


Do they A - Detect and collect data on radio sources B - Shoot some type of visible light laser beam to another solar system in the hope to communicate with aliens? Answer: B - It's hard for someone to imagine how a signal is sent.

Q2: What would be the best way for an alien ship to travel once on earth? A - Fly B - Hop on the water (in one direction) like a cross between a water strider and a frog Answer: B - Also staying true to their weapons system which only work line of sight. Q3: Once the alien destruction robots are launched to attack and weaken the human defense, do they A - Destroy 20 unarmed helicopters B - Ruin a field where kids are playing baseball C - Destroy the only remaining docked Battleship equipped with Harpoon and Tomahawk missiles D - Attack some concrete pillars holding up a section of a freeway Answer: A,B,D - Who would ever think that the USS Missouri had a better chance of attacking the aliens as opposed to a freeway. Q4: Your a bad-ass alien who traveled ten's of light years to take over another planet, what do you bring as a personal weapon? A - A ray guy than can evaporate anything in sight B - Any other type of projectile weapon C - A knife that looks like a screwdriver Answer: C - The only weakness being that it takes this weapon 20 seconds to warm up, giving a double leg amputee enough time to walk up to the armored alien kick-box it in the head and take off it's helmet. Q5: The humans have fired a tomahawk missile at your alien ship. What do you do?

A - Try to shoot it down with your own weapons B - Try to maneuver your ship out of the way C - Have your alien ship hop directly into the missile Answer: C - Oh yes that's right the alien ship is only equipped with grenades and it can only move in the direction it is facing. Q6: Your building an alien war ship that will be used to take over a planet. What material do you use to protect the bridge? A - A type of super strong metal B - Glass Answer: B - Taking over a planet is not so easy when a few sniper rifle rounds breaches the hull on the bridge and kills the alien commander.