Installer Cine Passion Xbmc

XBMC Complete installer is a Linux automated installer for XBMC on top of minimal Ubuntu install. It aims to provide quality and complete support for. Dec 25, 2017 - The latest installation package of HammerTap has version 3.1.1021. 335 Subtitle Indonesia Naruchigo Installer Cine Passion Xbmc.

Mio c520 unlock igo primo. @@ -1,41 +0,0 @@ ($INFO[debug]/index.php?id=([0-9]*) ($INFO[debug]/index2.php?Page=ViewMovie &ID=([0-9]*) ([0-9]*).html ([0-9]*) ([0-9]*) (.*) XMLSchema '>(.*).

= cine-passion * * == DESCRIPTION: Cine Passion is a powerfull movies scraper. This lib allow you to get information about a movie in Ruby without manipulating XML. If you want try scraper online: If you have any question about this scraper you have a forum: == FEATURES/PROBLEMS: * Extract XML information to build ruby objects * Does not work actualy for images == SYNOPSIS: require 'cine_passion' @scrap ='my-real-api-key') @scrap.MovieSearch('Home') #=> Return you a movies list @scrap.movies_info #=> All info are here == REQUIREMENTS: In my project, you can't find Cine Passion API Key. In fact you need a key your own side, you can request one here: See INSTALL & SYNOPSIS == INSTALL: * gem install cine-passion == DEVELOPERS: After checking out the source, run: $ rake newb This task will install any missing dependencies, run the tests/specs, and generate the RDoc. * XML Sample files To start devel on my project I made sample files. You can found them on test/data folder. At this time I have theres: cinepassion-scraper-test-00-no-response.xml -> No response from scraper cinepassion-scraper-test-01-one-response.xml -> One result from scraper cinepassion-scraper-test-02-mutiple-response.xml -> Many result from scraper In 'exploded' directory, I have 'translate' files in human readable format (only with indentation;) ).

Do not use there files. * Demo mode By default if you not create a lib/cine_passion_config.rb you are in demo mode: - Query: 'noresult' => Return cinepassion-scraper-test-00-no-response.xml - Query: 'Home' => Return cinepassion-scraper-test-01-one-response.xml - Query: 'The Men Who Stare At Goats' => Return cinepassion-scraper-test-02-mutiple-response.xml - Other query => Random result of above == LICENSE: Ruby Licence.