Best Free Church Projector Software Download

As the developments of the information technology, the printed materials at churches and places of worship have been replacing by the digital church presentation with lyrics, videos and Bible. There are more and more around us. Below are 7 free church presentation software for you to choose from.

Dec 7, 2012 - Church Projector is used to display Scripture verses and gospel lyrics on a projector. Church Projector is a slim version of Church Software with. BibleShow software presentation. Non-assignable, free of charge license to download. (mainly for church use).

Part 1: Top 7 Free Church Presentation Software to Make Creative Worship Slides 1. Focusky — Strongly Recommended Focusky is an amazing tool for making stunning HTML5 presentation and animated video for any field. As for the church presentation or worship slides, it also can give a professional and fabulous solution.

The following are some of the features of Focusky helping you create a stunning church presentation. Audio and Background Music Songs play an important role in the church and worship presentation. Focusky allows you insert background music into and in the mean time, it is so easy to insert other audio into the presentation.

Appropriate music makes great contribution on increasing atmosphere. Slideshow and Videos To be honest, slideshow is a good way to share activities photos with people. You can collect all the photos of an activity and make a photo gallery with Focusky, inserting it into your presentation. In addition, videos could be deems as another speaker for your presentation. Attract more audiences with wonderful videos. Caption and Voice Narration Here is a cool feature of Focusky, caption and voice narration.

Watch anime hiiro no kakera. In this way, you can make yourselves much more understood. Make emphasis on the point you want it to stand out.

Focusky make it easy to add caption and voice. You can achieve that without any design and technological skills. Proclaim Proclaim is one of the great church presentation software, making the church presentation easier. With the simple and clear design, you can make your presentation each week. More importantly, you are allowed to import slides from PowerPoint, making it the simplest way to make a presentation.

There is no any worry about the difficulties. There are free training videos, step-by-step instructions for references. ZionWorx One of the amazing features of ZionWorx is its fast integrated song database. It allows you display any song as soon as possible even in just a few minutes.

It supports sunning running Microsoft PowerPoint 2000-2007 presentations and is fully compliant with CCLI licensing laws. As most of the other free tools, it uses a dual monitor configuration to display a control panel on one screen while the visuals and song texts on another. 4.Slidedog This is a free multimedia presentation software help you present almost any projects, such as, PDF, Prezi file, PowerPoint files, videos and more. Magix music maker 2013 premium serial.

Under the help of the Slidedog, you have no trouble on presenting different kinds of files in the same time and without needing download all kinds of software. Free Worship It is a Windows only presentation software with abundant features.

Generally speaking, you can present songs, videos, bible passages, notes and webcams/video cameras with this software. You are allowed to display videos in Free Worship but you cannot yet display audio in this software. However, you can insert themes, slide transitions, quick search or import lyrics and Bibles.

6.OpenLP OpenLP is an open-source presentation platform created for use in churches large and small. It allows users manage and display songs, Bible verses, images, videos though software only supports PowerPoint displaying. In addition, linking songs for background music seems quite good for the presentation. Here is an excellent feature – remote control.