Blazt Nissan Consult Usb Cable Software

Total $120AUD Distributors (normal cable only, no OBDII plug option): UK/Europe buyers, you may wish to buy from - around £75-85 shipped Availability and Shipping All cable options are in stock. Shipping is shown above, delivery times are estimates, cables can be shipped to almost all countries worldwide, via Australia Post Airmail, and of course within Australia.

Typical transit times are 2-4 weeks for most destinations including USA, Canada, UK and Europe, but will depend on customs/local postal service. To check postage details for a country, select the country. Assuming it has the tick for AirMail, it should be fine to post there (you can see estimated delivery times also, although in our experience you need to add a day to the ranges shown). If there is anything specific required for us to know before posting, add it to the 'handling instructions' field when ordering (or email beforehand). Group buys of 5 or more cables are welcome, us for pricing/logistics. Car Support Nissan Consult is supported on most Nissans built in the 1990s, and a few from the 2000s.

Blazt Nissan Consult Usb Cable Software

Buy CZP Interface USB Cable Datascan Nistune ECUTALK etc Nissan OBD. EEEKit 14 Pin Consult Interface USB Car Diagnostic OBD Fault Code Tool Cable Accessories for. ECUTalk USB Consult Cable. Generally all Nissan Consult interface cables should work with all Consult software. Into null-modem adaptor or blaZt iPAQ cable).

If the car has the, it will most likely support consult. It also works on a select few vehicles with the OBDII plug, via an - typically these include the Patrol/Navara/Terrano with TB45E or non-CRD ZD30 engine, and the R50 Pathfinder with VG33E engine. If you are not sure, please contact us first.

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Consult is only supported on the Nissan ECUs, so replacement ECUs like the PowerFC, etc, will not support it (remapped/daughterboards ECUs or those with piggybacks like SAFC should be fine). Also some late model cars from 1999 may have an OBDII port and a Consult port, but only retain the consult port it for ancilliary systems (like AT, AirCon, HICAS, etc) diagnostics, but the main ECU may be OBDII. If you purchase the cable but you find your car does not support consult, you can receive a refund if the cable is returned within 30 days, in original condition.

Background A 'consult interface' cable allows the connection of a Laptop/PC to a Consult capable car for diagnostics with Consult programs, such as the. The cables are not 'straight through', but have an electrical circuit inside the connector (not just a case of putting connectors on the ends of a cable). Generally all Nissan Consult interface cables should work with all Consult software, although some circuit designs offer better compatibility with all vehicles.

You shouldn't have to buy an ECUTalk cable to work with the ECUTalk software if you already have a different kind. Using the Cable The steps for actually using the cable and software (see next section) are relatively simple: • Plug one end into car's. Often located near fuse box area • Plug other end into laptop usb or serial port (or for Pocket PC, into null-modem adaptor or blaZt iPAQ cable) • Ensure car is either ON (ignition on, but not running) or RUNNING. Consult port doesnt get power on ACC. • Start software, select port (an onboard serial port is normally COM1, but for USB, see last step of driver install section below to find COM port number in device manager Software Available There are plenty of other free consult software packages available, most notably: • (of course! Notably for gauges/logging, also has trip meter gauges) • (active tests, fair amount of features) • (base idle mode, simple bar graphs) USB Driver Installation USB drivers can be found, with install guides located, though the rough steps for XP are: • If you have previous FTDI drivers installed, uninstall these • Connect ECUTalk USB Cable to USB port • Select 'No, not this time' to any Windows Update drivers prompt • Select 'Install from a specific location' • Select 'Search for the best driver' and 'Include this location', and point it to the folder you extracted the downloaded driver to. • Click 'Continue Anyway' to any prompts (if any) • Finish.