Championship Manager S 98/99

Aug 16, 2016 - Designer(s), Paul Collyer, Oliver Collyer. Championship Manager 3 is a game in the Championship Manager series of soccer management.


Anatoly Todorov and Evandro Roncotto are my two all time favorite players (CM 03/04). Todorov was a striker and Roncotto was a FLC. Deadliest striker pairing I´ve ever had and I´ve been playing since the very first champ man (that´s a long time ago) and Football Manager 3 before that. I think Todorov got close to 50 goals one season for me and Roncotto got some 30 something assists and well over 20 goals. Todorov was Bulgarian and Roncotto ended up playing for England at the age of 27 since he was strangely never picked for Brazil. Tony Dennis (regen) was a centre back I loved.

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Nurtured him and he started playing in my first team at 17. Captained the side from 22 and won many awards and trophies. Never did get his stamina over 12 though. Yeah, all the oldies from 01/02, To Madeira, Hugo Pinheiro, Mark Kerr, Kim Kallstrom, Taribo West, Mike Duff, Kieren Richardson (you could sign him on a free at the start of the game) Labinot Harbuzi, Joao Paiva Until recently, Joleon Lescott was always the big bargain buy up until his move to Everton too From 03/04 it has to be Daniel Braaten and i think Lebo Mokoena from 06 was a superstar aswell, though i may have gotten the version wrong A Petition should be made to get To Madeira back in the new fm for sheer nostalgia, haha.