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Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk (Feat. Bruno Mars) 02. Meghan Trainor – Lips Are Movin’ 03.

Mar 25, 2008 - Nobody Else 02.Tell Me Tell Me 03.Promises 04.Sweet Lady 05.Lately 06.Give Love A Try 07.Do You Need 08.You Get Yours 09.Aint Nothin.

Maroon 5 – Animals 04. Ed Sheeran – Don’t 05. Tove Lo – Habits (Stay High) 06. Ariana Grande – Love Me Harder (Feat. The Weeknd) 07. Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One 08.

One Direction – Steal My Girl 09. No-cd crack call of duty 4. Selena Gomez – The Heart Wants What It Wants 10.

Jason Derulo – Trumpets 11. Iggy Azalea – Beg For It (Feat. Usher – I Don’t Mind (Feat.

Charli XCX – Boom Clap 14. Probz – Waves (Robin Schulz Radio Edit) 15. Calvin Harris – Blame (Feat.

John Newman) 16. Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars 17. Walk The Moon – Shut Up And Dance 18. Fancy Reagan – Knock Me Out 19. Zara Larsson – Uncover 20. Danny Mercer – Who Are You Loving Now? Jack + Eliza – Hold The Line.

01 Cambridge, 1963 02 Rowing 03 Domestic Pressures 04 Chalkboard 05 Cavendish Lab 06 Collapsing Inwards 07 A Game of Croquet 08 The Origins of Time 09 Viva Voce 10 The Wedding 11 The Dreams That Stuff Is Made Of 12 A Spacetime Singularity 13 The Stairs 14 A Normal Family 15 Forces of Attraction 16 Rowing – Alternative Version 17 Camping 18 Coma 19 The Spelling Board 20 The Voice Box 21 A Brief History of Time 22 Daisy, Daisy 23 A Model of the Universe 24 The Theory of Everything 25 London, 1988 26 Epilogue 27 The Whirling Ways of Stars That Pass. Common & John Legend – Glory 02. Otis Redding – Ole Man Trouble 03. Sister Gertrude Morgan – I’ve Got the New World in My View 04.

The Impressions – Keep on Pushing 05. Joyce Collins & Johnita Collins – One Morning Soon 06. Lenoir – Alabama Blues 07. Martha Bass – Walk With Me 08.

Duane Eddy – House of the Rising Sun 09. Ledisi – Take My Hand, Precious Lord 10. Fink – Yesterday Was Hard on All of Us 11. Jason Moran – Cager Lee 12.

Jason Moran – Final Speech 13. Jason Moran – Bloody Sunday Parts 1-3. New Jersey native Brian Christinzo, who operates under the nom de plume BC Camplight, released a pair of generally well-received, piano-driven psych-pop albums in 2005 and 2007 and then promptly went underground, only half-jokingly describing himself at the time as “the guy who blew it.” In 2012 he relocated to Manchester, England and set about rebuilding his confidence, and the resulting Bella Union-issued How to Die in the North sounds like the product of an artist restored. Bold, beautiful, campy, heartbreaking, and flush with moxie, Christinzo’s third outing is a left-field gem; an indie rock distillation of ’60s and ’70s chamber pop tropes that prefers Nilsson over Newman, Todd Rundgren over Lennon & McCartney, Dennis Wilson over Brian Wilson, and fearlessly (though not always flawlessly) goes all in for the big pop moment. A nuanced, human, and lovingly constructed blend of road trip-ready earworms (“You Should Have Gone to School,” “Thieves in Antigua”), breezy cocktail stirrers (“Love Isn’t Anybody’s Fault”), and shamelessly-lay-on-your-bedroom-floor-and-sob-piano ballads (“Atom Bomb,” Why Doesn’t Anybody Fall in Love”), the latter of which features a chorus that smartly invokes Harry Nilsson’s “Without You” without succumbing to that iconic tearjerker’s (admittedly) delicious levels of schmaltz.

At just nine tracks, the album is as economical as it is overflowing with pure pop goodness. It may have been a rough journey between works for Christinzo, but periods of unrest are best served back to the world through art, and despite the unsavory ingredients he may have used in its making, How to Die in the North is an undeniably tasty dish, served hot or cold.

Jagged Edge Hard Zip Sharebeast

My review 1.Better than their last album (more JD). 2.I like the whole album (except the intro and track 3) I like the beat of track 11, but that vocalizer. They don't need it. It kinda ruins their style for me. The mentioned tracks i don't feel very much are better than the most that other RNB artists are offering us. Standout tracks: 2,5,8 5. The album this time is totally missin 'Where the party at' like joint (At least on their last album they got that track with Voltio.

I rate this album 4,5/5 Just because it is missin the party joint, and because of the track 11. If I have to make 'Best' Album consisting of 20 Songs, at least 4 from this album will be there. To summerize: 1.Jagged Edge are still the Best RNB Group in the World. 2.This album is the best RnB release this year (Male or Female). 3.Better than their last. Jermaine Dupri and the Rest of So So Def Crew are still amazing and fresh in their sogwriting and producing. This album probably is doomed not to start well because of no promotion, but if their lead single climbs up the charts it might do well overall.