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• Canada • United Kingdom Language English Budget $9 million Box office $23.2 million Crash is a 1996 film written and directed by based on 's 1973. It tells the story of a group of people who take sexual pleasure from, a notable form of. The film stars,,,, and. The film generated considerable controversy upon its release and opened to mixed and highly divergent reactions from critics.

While some praised the film for its daring premise and originality, others criticized its combination of graphic sexuality and violence. It premiered at the, where it received the, a unique award that is distinct from the Jury Prize as it is not given annually, but only at the request of the official jury (for example, the previous year, both a Jury Prize and a Special Jury Prize were awarded). When then jury president announced the award 'for originality, for daring and for audacity,' he stated that it had been a controversial choice and that certain jury members, 'did abstain very passionately.'

The award has not been given since. It received six from the, including awards for Cronenberg as director and screenwriter; the film was also nominated in two further categories, including Best Picture. Contents • • • • • • • • • Plot [ ] James Ballard () and his wife, Catherine (), are in an. The couple engage in various but, between them, have unenthusiastic. Their arousal is heightened by discussing the intimate details of their. She recounts sex that day with a stranger in a prop plane hangar, where she caresses the plane hull with her bare breast as the film's opening scene.

She was left unsatisfied however. When Ballard replies he did not achieve satisfaction with his office sexual encounter that day, as he was interrupted, his wife replies 'maybe the next one'. While driving home from work late one night, Ballard's car collides head-on with another, killing its male passenger. While trapped in the fused wreckage, the driver, Dr. Helen Remington (), wife of the dead passenger, exposes a breast to Ballard when she pulls off the shoulder harness of her seat belt. While recovering, Ballard meets Remington again, as well as a man named Vaughan (), who takes a keen interest in the brace holding Ballard's shattered leg together and photographs it. While leaving the hospital, Remington and Ballard begin an affair, one primarily fueled by their shared experience of the car crash (not only do all of their sexual assignations take place in cars, all of Remington's off-screen sexual encounters take place in cars as well).

In an attempt to make some sense of why they are so aroused by their car wreck, they go to see one of Vaughan's cult meetings/performance pieces, a re-creation of the car crash that killed with authentic cars and stunt drivers. When Department of Transport officials break up the event, Ballard flees with Remington and Vaughan. Ballard becomes one of Vaughan's followers who car crashes, obsessively watching car safety test videos and photographing traffic collisions. Ballard drives Vaughan's around the city while Vaughan picks up and has sex with street prostitutes and, later, Ballard's wife. In turn, Ballard has a dalliance with one of the other group members, Gabrielle (), a beautiful woman whose legs are clad in restrictive steel braces and who has a -like scar on the back of one of her thighs, which is used as a substitute for a vagina by Ballard.

The film's sexual couplings in (or involving) cars are not restricted to heterosexual experiences. While watching videos of car crashes, Remington becomes extremely aroused and gropes the crotches of both Ballard and Gabrielle, suggesting an imminent. Later, Vaughan and Ballard eventually turn towards each other and have sex while, also later, Gabrielle and Remington have sex with each other. Though Vaughan claims at first that he is interested in the 'reshaping of the human body by modern technology,' in fact his project is to live out the philosophy that the car crash is a 'fertilizing rather than a destructive event, mediating the sexuality of those who have died with an intensity that's impossible in any other form.' The film's climax begins with Vaughan's death in an intentional crash.