Cytofluor Software

Thermo / Applied Biosystems Cytofluor Series 4000 Multi-Well Plate Readers. Manmadhan 2004. Quantifies Soluble and Cell-Associated Fluorescence; Software.

CytoFluor II, Fluorescence Multi-Well Plate Reader 1x PreSeptive, Fluorescence Multi-Well Plate Reader Description Manufacturer: PreSeptive BioSystems Model: CytoFluor II Condition: Used Power Supply: 100-120/ 220-240 VAC - 2 / 1 A - 50, 60 Hz Specifications: • Perseptive Biosystems CytoFluor 4000 Multiwell Plate Reader, Quantifies soluble and cell-associated fluorescence. • The fluorescence is measured by a photomultiplier tube in a light-proof detection chamber. • The detected fluorescence data is displayed as arbitrary fluorescence units (AFU).

• Scanner is controlled through the software on a PC. • The precision X-Y mechanism scans the microtiter plate with a sensitive fibre-optic probe to quantify the fluorescence in each well. • The plate remains stationary during the scanning of each row, and then indexes to the next row. • Scan a 96-well plate in under a minute.

You can use standard types of microtiter plates with six to 384 wells. • Excitation filters are 360/40x, 450/50x2, 485/20x, 530/25x, and 590/20x. • Emission filters are 460/40m, 530/25m, 580/50m, 620/40m, and 645/40m. • Optical Lamp type Tungsten-halogen, 50 watt.

CytoFluor® Series 4000 Attributes Detection Mode Fluorescence Intensity Detector Electron Tubes, Inc. 9781 Photomultiplier Tube (low noise, high gain) Filters 6-cavity design interference filters, optimized for CytoFluor Lighting Tungsten-halogen, 50 watt, 320 nm–700 nm, nominal 3,000 hours life Sample Formats 6, 48, 96, and 384 well microplates Scanning Speed 60 seconds or less Depth 19.3 in Height 9 in Width 14.5 in Power Requirements 100/240VAC 50/90Hz 1300 VA MAX, 150 W maximum consumption Weight 40 lbs Additional Specifications Shipping weight: 46 lbs Probe: 3.0 mm quartz.